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 Cosmetic and beauty treatments in the 4-star Hotel Neubergerhof in Filzmoos
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Facial treatment © Roland Wimmer
Time for yourself. Time for body, mind and soul.

Beauty for her and for him – facials, care, pedicure, manicure and more.

Cosmetics & Beauty

Take a relaxing break from everyday life ... with products that are specifically tailored to the needs of women's and men's skin.

Every now and then our skin needs some help in building new cells, even hands and feet tolerate a beauty treatment, and because you simply don't take enough time at home, your face longs for an intensive treatment. Our wellness manager Sandra and her team gladly take care of your concerns and wishes and look after your beauty.

Facial cosmetic beauty offers

Treatment & Description Duration Price

Intensive treatment
For face, neck and cleavage
Cleansing, peeling, steaming, eyebrows, deep cleaning. Active ingredient concentrate, drainage, massage, mask and day care.

75 minutes EUR 99,00
Classic facial treatment
Cleansing, peeling, steaming, deep cleaning, mask and phyto-drainage massage
55 minutes EUR 85,00

Teenager facial

Cleansing, peeling, steaming, deep cleansing, mask, advice: "How to clean and care my face"

55 minutes EUR 75,00
Acne treatment - "skin clean"
For skin problems like impurities, inflammation, pimples, acne ...
Special plant complexes helps your skin to strengthen the defense mechanism, regulate the sebum function and clear the skin.
Cleansing, enzyme peeling, vapozon, deep cleansing, acne concentrate, double effect mask, maintenance.
80 minutes EUR 115,00

Deluxe lifting: facial treatment
For demanding, dry and sun-stressed skin
A full anti-aging-treatment which immediately provides more volume, reduce the wrinkles and leaves a glowing and youthful teint! The skin is plump and looks “padded”.

80 minutes EUR 118,00

For sensitive, stressed and allergic skin. A 100% pure, natural, paraben-free care experience sensitizes the skin and brings it into balance. A effect mask reduces and feelings of heat. Rose milk protects the skin and gives pure moisture.

80 minutes EUR 115,00

Anti-aging-all in one 

  • microdermabrasion - mesotherapy - radio frequency
  • regeneration
  • effective absorption of the active ingredients through mesotherapy
  • smoother skin
  • reduces hyperpigmentation
  • reduces scar relief
  • the blood circulation and the ski regeneration are improved
  • immediately visible success
  • including active ingredient concentrate, ampoule and a special mask
75 minutes EUR 149,00

Deluxe eye care
For relaxation and regeneration of the eyes.
Particularly suitable for sensitive, dry, and swollen eye areas. Cleansing, active ingredient concentrate, massage with lymphatic drainage, collagen algae modelage mask. Let your eyes shine!

25 minutes EUR 48,00

Shell stone treatment
This facial treatment is the purest care experience.
The pure vitamin cocktail and the vibration of the stones bring body and mind into balance. Cleaning, mask, serum, massage and day care.

30 minutes EUR 48,00

Facial massage
Cleansing and massage

25 minutes EUR 44,00
Ampoule - EUR 12,00/ampoule

Special care for men
Coordinated active ingredient concentrates have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the sensitive shave. Ginseng- and different plant extracts make the skin fit and gives full energy.
Cleansing, peeling, vapozon, deep cleansing, active ingredient concentrate, mask, inclusive face-, head and neck massage.

75 minutes EUR 99,00

Pedicure, manicure and other beauty treatments

Treatments & Description Duration Price

Eyelashes and eyebrows colouring

- EUR 28,00
Eyelashes only - EUR 18,00
Eyebrows only - EUR 12,00
Eyebrow shaping - from EUR 12,00
Eyelashes and eyebrows colouring in a cosmetic treatment - EUR 24,00


30 - 40 minutes EUR 49,00

Pedicure (medical foot care)
With foot bath and massage

50 minutes EUR 59,00
Nail polish - from EUR 12,00

warm hand- or foot pack

- EUR 20,00

cool hand- or foot pack

- EUR 18,00
Upper lip (Hair removal with warm wax) - EUR 10,00
Upper lip and chin (Hair removal with warm wax) - EUR 20,00
Lower leg (Hair removal with warm wax) - EUR 35,00
Sandra Schneider
A tip from our expertSandra

Did you know ...

... that you can also gift our beauty treatments at the Hotel Neubergerhof? Simply create a voucher online, print it out at home and give your loved ones an unforgettable pleasure!

New - apparative cosmetic

intensive med, with a patended crystel technology: safe - efficient - perfume free - free of dyes

Apparative methods in a cosmetic treatment   Price

diamond microdermabrasion
mechanical peeling

- EUR 20,00

ultrasonic ++
for the introduction of active substances

- EUR 49,00

cavitation peeling

  EUR 20,00


Shell stone treatment for the face, energy massage from head to feet, evening primrose oil pack

120 minutes EUR 199,00

Manicure with hand massage, pedicure, body peeling with brush massage, intensive treatment from face, neck and décolleté, lashes and eyebrows colouring
* spread over 2 days

200 minutes EUR 269,00
Special treatment for the man: with facial, inclusive back massage, manicure with hand massage and head massage
120 minutes EUR 185,00
Detox-aroma-body wrap inclusive peeling, with back massage, hay bath and lymphatic drainage
120 minutes EUR 190,00

Beautifully efficient - the philosophy of Decléor

The synergy of science and nature has resulted in a care ritual that proves exceptional efficiency every day.

The careful selection of active essential oils creates a high-performance care that also appeals to your senses. With the heart of the AromaessenceTM, highly efficient and 100% natural beauty concentrates from essential oils have been developed for every skin type. These activate the body's own energies, have a balancing effect and enliven the senses through their fragrance.

Enjoy a powerful beauty treatment combined with absolute well-being.

If you have any questions or information about our beauty offers, we are happy to help. Our head beautician Sandra will also be happy to advise you in advance:

 Sandra likes to give advice. © Klaus Bauer
 Decleor products © Gerhard Wolkerdorfer
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