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 Fish from the Rettenwender family, Nestlerhof Neuberg
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Ingredients from the region, fresh produce and quality

Locally cooked

The Neubergerhof relies primarily on regional produce. Many of our suppliers are located in the immediate vicinity and regularly supply us with fresh produce. Real friendships have developed through the long-term cooperation with the various companies. We are very proud of this and that is why we want to bring you closer to our regional suppliers.

 Bacon, cheese from the Kirchgasshof in Filzmoos © G.A.-Service
A long-time friend - Max Mann, village butcher from Hüttau © G.A.-Service
 Fresh curd cheese from the Wolflehenbauer in Neuberg © G.A.-Service
 Martina Rieder with her cows © G.A.-Service
 Johann Rieder in the hay © G.A.-Service

Milk from the neighbouring farmer, Lettenhof

Produce, such as the milk you drink daily in our coffee or cocoa, come from Lettenhof. The neighbouring farm has been owned by the Rieder family since 1930. 3 generations help together every day and they currently have 7 cows, which produce approx. 90 litres of the best organic milk each day. In addition to the cows, there are also 3 pigs, 3 horses and approx. 40 chickens on the farm.

Bacon and sausage from the Max Mann village butcher © G.A.-Service

Village butcher “Max Mann”

The various meat and sausage produce are provided by the village butcher “Max Mann”. The company is headquartered in Hüttau, which is a small village located about 27 minutes away by car. The butcher's shop has been in existence since 1984 and has been delivering to The Neubergerhof for about 30 years. Max Mann and his 10 employees process and sell free-range pork, bacon, raw sausage, salami or game meat every day. And of course, everything comes from the local region.

 At the fish pond © G.A.-Service
 Trout and char from the Nestlerhof in Neuberg © G.A.-Service
 Freshly caught on the net © G.A.-Service
The fish are freshly caught, that come to the plates in the Neubergerhof.

Trout from Nestlerhof

... trout, char ...

In front of the hotel, by the fish pond, you can find fresh trout. These come from Nestlerhof. This fish farm is also located in Neuberg. For 40 years, the Rettenwender family has been breeding trout and char in 5 ponds and delivering them to the surrounding hotels. About 1,000 kg of fish are sold each year. 

The Alpine Oxen

On the Neubergerhof menu you will find 100% juicy fillet steaks. These come from the Alpine Oxen on our own farm. Our oxen spend their summer on the Sulzkaralm (a recommended hiking destination, by the way), where they eat the nutritious grass and become strong. But we rely not only on our own produce.

 Farm ice cream from the Kirchgasshof © G.A.-Service
 The Rettenwender family produces approx. 45 types of ice cream. © G.A.-Service

The Kirchgasshof in Filzmoos

Many of our guests certainly know the Kirchgasshof because of the fruity farm ice cream. The farm run by the Rettenwender family is also known for this. About 45 varieties of ice cream are produced 5 days a week in summer by daughter Johanna. Since 2001, Klaus and Cilli have been selling their organic ice cream directly from the farm in the “Eisstadl” and supplying the surrounding hotels. The mountain cheese, which you will find at the breakfast buffet, is also produced by the Rettenwender family.

The Kirchgasshof is located on the county road in the direction of Filzmoos. It is well known for its excellent ice cream range. Son Stefan takes care of the farm and the 25 dairy cows. In addition to the farm production and the sale of the home-made produce, daughter Justina takes care of her own Alpine pasture in the summer.


 Fresh curd cheese from the Wolflehen farmer in Neuberg © G.A.-Service
 Sylvia Vierthaler takes care of the production of curd cheese and yoghurt. © G.A.-Service
 Fresh curd is made from fresh milk. © G.A.-Service
About 6 dairy cows, 14 chickens and 1 rooster live at the Vierthaler family’s farm and are cared for by 3 generations..

Quark, cream cheese and yoghurt from Wolflehenhof

... The Vierthaler family is also at home in Neuberg.

The nearby Wolflehenhof supplies us with quark, cream cheese and yoghurt. The farm has been family-owned since 1935. Since 1991, the Vierthaler family has run this farm as an organic farm. 

Game from the Neuberg forests

Last but not least, we get our game from the Filzmoos Hunter’s Lodge. This is hunted in the Filzmoos forests and then processed directly in The Neubergerhof kitchen.
Lars Uhlig
A tipp from our chefLars Uhlig
Try a Filzmoos game dish!
The dishes from local game are a real specialty. Whether a venison medallion, a deer ragout or a pink roast venison, all of this comes from the Neuberger Forest.
 Venison stew © G.A.-Service
Real regional.

We say thank you!

We are immensely proud to be able to purchase so much regional produce from our local suppliers. That is why we are very keen to use 100% of both the produce and the animal. We can only say thank you for the great cooperation with our suppliers, who have long since become friends.

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