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 The floating loungers in the relaxation room could be such a place. © Selina Flasch Photography
A place to simply be satisfied.

Do you know this when you are standing in a certain spot and everything seems magical?

My personal power spot

Nature is the best animator at the Neubergerhof and has something different to offer in every season. No one should leave without discovering the magical power spots in Filzmoos, or without enjoying autumn while horse riding, hiking or biking.

On the other hand, you can also just stay in the cosy lounges. Let yourself be pampered with a soothing massage or taste fine wines with sommelier Manu in the rustic wine bar. Despite all the possibilities that are open to our guests indoors and outdoors, the atmosphere in the Neubergerhof is far away from the daily hustle and bustle.

 The lobby is a popular place in the hotel. © Selina Flasch Photography
 Enjoy the peace and quiet and just relax. © Selina Flasch Photography
enjoy the view at the infinity pool © Selina Flasch Photography

Come to rest in a very special place ...

 Power place Filzmooser Almsee near the Hofalmen © Coen Weesjes
 Or is your power place the little hut in the winter forest? © Coen Weesjes

Find your place to recharge your batteries!

Do you know this when you are standing in a certain spot and everything seems magical? You feel special energy vibrations and the unique atmosphere? You feel how you can just enjoy and let everything touch you?

In the Hotel Neubergerhof and in the nature around Filzmoos, at the foot of the Bischofsmütze and Dachstein Mountains, there are countless such magical places. Here, everyone will find a place to feel good and relax. A power spot to simply be content.

In Filzmoos some of these power spots are even named

namely 16 of them

In Filzmoos, there are several of these unusual places - namely 16 of them. They are power spots with unique natural formations, ancient monuments, with sacred buildings or simply a lonely bench at a special viewing point overlooking the Bischofsmütze Mountain. These power spots radiate a positive effect, stimulate reflection and illustrate the beauty of life and nature.

In summer, we take you on an extraordinary journey, the journey to yourself. During selected hikes and mountain tours, trained power spot guides will lead you to these energy-rich places. With meditation and selected exercises, you can switch off and learn to experience your body, the environment and feelings in a unique way.

  • Almsee - wedding square
  • Almsee - open space
  • Around the entire Almsee Lake
  • The Lärchenstein
  • The Bischofsmütze
  • The Kaserboden
  • The Meeräugl Spring
  • The Pilgrimage Church
  • The Maple tree at the Bögrainhof
  • The Marterl at Herzerlweg
  • The Schwarze Lacke
  • The Gerzkopf
  • The tree circle at Neubergerhof
  • The Moos am Berg
  • The Kamplbrunn Square and Kamplbrunn Water
  • The Reinigungsplatz in the Hachauer Forest

One describes these Filzmoos power spots as moving, liberating, uplifting and yes, even healing. Experience consciously how mind, body and soul come into harmony.

Either you believe in it or not. But it has been proven that these power spots exist and every person perceives them differently or perhaps not at all. In any case, these places can clearly be seen as nature has put a lot of effort into them.

Find your place of power in Filzmoos

Recharge the battery
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