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Why does it taste so good in The Neubergerhof?

Our kitchen secrets

We will tell you a secret, why it always tastes so good in The Neubergerhof! It is not the individual ingredients, the herbs from Grandma's herb garden or a very specific method of preparation. It is the love and passion for nature and the people who care lovingly about it.

It is about the harmonious interaction between humans, animals and plants. Many friends, neighbours and long-time companions live this philosophy equally. They have been supplying us for more than 30 years. But one thing remains certain - nature is our most important supplier.

Tortellini © G.A.-Service
Martin Reiter © G.A.-Service
Maria & Martin Reiter senior © G.A.-Service

Good cuisine needs to be planned

Chef Lars Uhlig and his brother-in-law and junior chef Martin Reiter Jr. totally agree when it comes to cuisine and pampering our guests - turn local food with a lot of love and without delay into honest and tasty dishes.

Martin Reiter gives cooking workshops. © Roland Wimmer
Martin is a passionate cook himself. © G.A.-Service

1x weekly cooking workshop with Martin Jr.

Also Martin Jr. is a trained and passionate chef (read more on our hosts page). Once a week, Martin secretly and quietly reveals his most secret kitchen recipes and shows you how to prepare them in a cooking workshop.

Salmon trout © G.A.-Service

Fancy a bit of Neubergerhof on your plate?

Then we have the right gift for you! Order our cookbook online. Keep it or give it away. We wish you a lot of fun cooking with it at home.

 We pay attention to regionality. © G.A.-Service
 Neighbor Katharina with her little calves. © G.A.-Service
 Butcher Max Mann costs delicious bacon with Martin. © G.A.-Service
And we don't make a big secret of that. These are our “fresh suppliers”.

From farm to table - our suppliers

These are our “fresh suppliers”

This means, here with the fresh local ingredients and straight onto the kitchen table! Chef Lars Uhlig turns the local ingredients with a lot of love into honest dishes - always tasty, sometimes vegetarian and even vegan on request.

Martin Reiter Junior
A tipp from the junior bossMartin Reiter

Water from the Neubergerhof spring

Come with me and enjoy the nature on our spring-hike. Did you know that the water in the Neubergerhof comes entirely from our own springs? That is also one of our secrets - fresh mountain spring water for cooking and drinking.
Grandma takes care of her plants and herbs. © Roland Wimmer
Wonderfully fragrant

Grandma's Herb Garden

If you don't meet our grandma Evi by the small animals or in the laundry, then she can be found tending her beloved herb garden. Here, you will find herbs galore. From rosemary, basil, dill, oregano – the list goes on and on. But one thing is certain, Grandma's herbs give that certain pep to the fine Neubergerhof cuisine.

Maria and Martin Reiter at the stove in the Neubergerhof kitchen © Roland Wimmer
For cooking at home

Recipe ideas by Martin, Maria and Lars

We are happy to share our kitchen tips and recipes. Or ask us personally, we are happy to help in person. Or you can read online in the “Recipe Ideas” section. Maybe you will find what you are looking for there.

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