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 Massage on a wellness holiday in Austria
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Partial massage
Soothing for body, mind and soul.

Partial massage, anti-stress, hot stone massage, body scrub and much more. These are our massage offers.

Soothing massages

Treat yourself to some time for yourself on holiday at the Hotel Neubergerhof and let yourself be totally pampered. Forget everyday life, let go and treat your body and mind to something good. This is the secret recipe to “just be content”.

Choose from our extensive range of massages or get advice from our professional wellness team, led by Sandra. Not every massage is suitable for everyone.

Choose your massage and send us your massage wish from home. We are also happy to make a direct appointment so that everything is prepared for your feel-good holiday.

Massage offer & price

Massage & Description Duration Price
Partial massage*
Back or legs – the muscles are loosened and supplied with blood. Tensions are released.
25 minutes EUR 43,00

Anti-stress back meridian massage*
A combination of gentle stimulation of acupressure points that stimulate the metabolism. Ideal for stress relief, calming and absolute relaxation

25 minutes EUR 48,00

Foot reflexology*
By stimulating the reflex zones, the healing powers of the body are activated, pain is relieved, muscles are relaxed and the vegetative nervous system is harmonised.

25 minutes EUR 46,00

Head and neck massage*
A 100% plant-based concentrate is incorporated with a scalp massage and acupressure. This treatment regenerates damaged scalp tissue and dispels stress. This massage will deeply relax you.

25 minutes EUR 46,00
Sandra Schneider
A tip from our expertSandra

Combi massage

Choose two massage techniques marked with * and get them at a special price of EUR 86.00 for 50 minutes.

Massage & Description Duration Price

Whole body massage

50 minutes EUR 82,00

Manual lymphatic drainage
This massage eliminates blockages in the lymphatic system. Lymphatic runoff is restarted, so that slag and toxins are removed from the tissue. Particularly suitable for swollen body regions (e.g. arms and legs).

25 minutes
50 minutes
EUR 48,00
EUR 86,00

Hot Stone massage
Come to rest and recharge your batteries! The long-lasting warmth of the smooth stones has a positive effect on the vegetative nervous system in several ways, soothing and balancing, at the same time stimulating and vitalising. The muscles are particularly deeply loosened, the blood circulation of the capillaries is stimulated and the metabolism accelerates. A treat for the whole body! Deep relaxation with natural stones.

75 minutes EUR 115,00

Breuss Massage
A fine, energetic back massage. Vertebral and joint misalignments and leg length difference are corrected in a gently dynamic way.

50 minutes EUR 85,00

Energy massage
A pampering massage from head to toe - energy blockages are released and you experience the balancing effect of this massage in a unique way.

55 minutes
70 minutes incl. scalp massage
EUR 95,00
EUR 110,00

Therapeutic massage "by Stefan"

The special therapy is a individual therapy with different massage techniques! 

  • Body straightening (misalignment of the spine + joint and pelvic depression + leg length difference becomes compensated
  • tuina massage
  • foot reflexology
  • cupping
  • singing bowl treatment
  • energy balance
  • no vouchers can be redeemed
75 minutes

90 minutes
EUR 139,00

EUR 159,00
Indian oil massage - Abhyanga
Soothing massage with gentle, long strokes to relax and let go. This wonderful form of treatment with warm oils regenerates and harmonises the entire organism and relaxes the nervous system. Cell renewal and healing are supported.
70 minutes EUR 99,00
Body peeling with brush massage
Connective tissue-strengthening and blood-activating brush treatment with moisturizing entire body peeling that makes your skin smooth and supple.
25 minutes EUR 48,00
Sandra Schneider
A tip from our expertSandra

Can be booked for every treatment for abdominal, back, and neck

  • Warming mood pack  EUR 12,00
    Stimulates the blood circulation, loosens the muscles
    If you use it cold, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, decongesting, decongestant, relieves rheumatic complaints
  • Hay pack with heat pad  EUR 12,00
    As a liver wrap for purification and detoxification. Has a calming and balancing effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
The massage room © Gerhard Wolkersdorfer
 Facial massage
 Sandra is there for you! © Klaus Bauer
 Give a voucher for a massage © Selina Flasch Photography
Put a smile on your face!

Gift relaxation

Pamper your loved ones with a wellness & spa voucher. Whether you want to give treatments, massages or soothing packs, simply create your personal voucher online and print it out conveniently at home.
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