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Here, you will find all the information on how we protect your and our safety & what you should know for your stay with us at Neubergerhof.

FAQ - Corona Virus

We are a part of the initiative "safe hospitality" and all of our employees will be tested once a week. All hygiene requirements are implemented with the highest care.
We put the following points with our best knowledge and conscience together. If the law is changing, we adjust our concept. 

The Latest update:  15.09.2021
Distance heard
General information
  • Here you will find the updated cancellation conditions
  • In order to protect both our guests and employees, you are referred to and informed on the general rules of conduct. Please follow the instructions of our staff.
  • Our staff disinfect and wash their hands regularly.
  • Touching your face with unwashed hands should be avoided.
  • Avoid shaking hands and hugging.
  • Sneeze or cough into your arm or into a handkerchief.
  • Wash your hands several times a day with water and soap for at least 30 seconds.
  • Do not travel in case of signs of illness. In case of signs of illness during your stay, please contact your host.
What proofs are valid for entry into the hotel?
  • Tested:
Authority-approved negative test results for the specified time period, i.e..:
- Evidence from an authorized body of a negative result from a PCR test.
(validity: 72 hours)
- Evidence from an authorized body (test lane, pharmacy, etc.) of a negative result of an
result of an antigen test (validity: 24 hours)
- Proof of an antigen test for self-testing, which is recorded in an official
data processing system (validity: 24 hours)
- Self-testing under supervision at a facility, but valid only for the duration of the
individual stay/access are valid
- School tests will also be recognized as entry tests in the future
  • Vaccinated:
    • Second vaccination, with a maximum of 360 days (instead of the previous 270) and at least 14 days between the first and second vaccination.
    • Vaccination from the 22nd day after vaccination for vaccines for which only one vaccination is intended (currently Johnson & Johnson); the vaccination may not date back more than 270 days or
    • Vaccination, provided there is a positive molecular biological test for SARS-CoV-2 at least 21 days prior to vaccination or evidence of neutralizing antibodies prior to vaccination; the vaccination may not have taken place more than 360 days ago or
    • NEW: further vaccination, whereby this may be a maximum of 360 days ago and between this and one of the above vaccinations must have passed at least 120 days.
  • Recovery:
    • Segregation notice if issued for a person confirmed to have contracted SARS-CoV-2 in the six months prior to the scheduled testing.
    • Medical confirmation of a molecularly confirmed infection that has occurred in the last six months and has currently expired.
    • Proof of neutralizing antibodies (antibody test), which must not be older than three months.
These requirements apply to all persons 12 years of age and older.
Keep your distance!
How often do you have to get tested on site and is there a possibility to get tested in Filzmoos?
  • One has to do a controlled self-test on site every 2 days according to the regulations, if one is not recovered or vaccinated.
  • Our doctor in Filzmoos, Dr. Florian Zimmermann offers antigen rapid tests and PCR tests, as well as antibody tests.
  • In Filzmoos is a test road, where they take antigen rapid tests.
  • We can also offer free rapid tests at the hotel. These are valid for 48 hours.
Distance heard
When should mouth and nose protection be worn?
  • Because of the 3-G rule, there is no longer a mask mandatory. Also for the employees. 
  • A mask must be worn in shops, public transportation, pharmacies and museums - everywhere where the 3-G rule does not apply.
Do everything possible online.
How am I protected at the reception during check-in / check-out?
  • Warm hospitality can also be contactless :-)
  • With sparkling eyes we welcome you and our hospitality will warm you despite the minimum safety distance!
  • Please fill in your details using the online check-in, which you will receive during your reservation confirmation as well as in your welcome email, so that your waiting time can be reduced.
  • A disinfection station is available at the hotel entrance.
  • We have installed glass panes at the reception which means both you and we are protected.
  • Pens and key cards will be disinfected before we hand them over to you.
  • Check-out - we will be happy to send you your pro-forma invoice in advance by email, as this helps shorten the check-out procedure.
How does the hotel take care of disinfection?
  • We have provided a disinfectant stand at the entrances and exits
  • Our cleaning and disinfection cycle in public areas has been increased, especially in important places such as doorknobs, handrails, toilets and lifts.
  • After each use of menus, chairs and tables, we disinfect the surfaces with an anti-virus disinfectant.
Rooms will be carefully cleaned and disinfected.
How is my room cleaned?
  • The laundry is washed according to strict hygiene regulations.
  • Staff wear gloves during cleaning
  • Daily disinfection of surfaces and frequently touched objects, e.g. door handles, taps, remote control,... etc.)
  • All cleaning agents are also disinfectants
Keep your distance!
How does it work in the restaurant?
  • The minimum distance between the visitors is cancelled. For safety reasons we ask you to keep a distance from other guests. 
  • As usual, a table in the restaurant is reserved for our hotel guests.
  • Our a la carte guests should reserve a table if possible.
  • All guests are accompanied to the table by our service staff.
How should I behave at the buffet?
  • The minimum distance has been cancelled. For security reasons, we ask you to keep your distance from other guests.
  • We provide you with disposable gloves and hand sanitiser, so you can decide whether to disinfect your hands before eating or wear the disposable gloves.
  • We recommend that families go to the buffet in small groups to ensure that safety measures are better complied with. At the children's buffet, we ask that an adult goes to the buffet with their children.
Is the hotel bar and lobby open?
  • Our guests may also consume their food and drinks directly at the bar and in the lobby. 
  • The consumption of drinks and food is now also allowed while standing.
  • The hotel bar is open for our hotel guests until 01:00 am.
 Fitness room
Is the wellness area and the fitness room open?
  • The pool, the sauna and our fitness room are open without restriction.
Are massages and beauty treatments being carried out?

Our beauty staff, Sandra and Margret are there for you as usual, of course within the prescribed hygiene measures.

Take by the hand
Can the childcare team hold my child by the hand?

If necessary, our staff may hold your child by the hand or take your child in his or her arms to comfort them, if required. This is because, from a psycho-hygienic point of view, physical proximity is necessary for the care of children.

Will the children stay indoors or outdoors as much as possible?
  • We make sure that we stay outside as much as possible when the weather permits.
  • Since our outdoor area is very large and spacious, and the teens and children's program is very extensive, we can spread out very well with the children.
  • The Wastl Kid’s Club is at the disposal of the children and their parents at any time. If there is no-one from the childcare team in the immediate vicinity, please make sure that you and your children wash your hands thoroughly and that the minimum distance of 1 metre is observed.
  • In the indoor children's programme, we make sure that we form several small groups in order to better implement the safety measures.
  • The toys and the frequently touched items are disinfected several times a day by our staff.
 Sneeze into the crook of your arm
Is there any other information relevant for the Kid’s Club?
  • The children must disinfect or wash their hands thoroughly after entering the children's club
  • A non-contact “Hello” and “Goodbye” is of course allowed
  • Care should be taken to touch other children and adults as little as possible
  • Since you should keep a safe distance from other people, kisses should be simply blown, by hand
  • Please make sure you sneeze or cough into your arm or handkerchief.
  • The virus is transferred especially via the mouth, nose and eyes into the body. Therefore, you should take care not to touch your face with your hands.
  • Please do not put toys in your mouth, as the virus also enters the body through the mouth.
  • We ask that parents inform their children about the corona virus and the safety distance
  • Infants/babies are exempt from the minimum distance rules (up to the age where the children can be informed by the
Does horse riding take place as usual?
  • Under the valid hygiene precautions the horse riding will take place from Monday to Friday.
  • Saddles and helmets are disinfected and cleaned according to the specifications.
Do swimming courses take place?
  • Yes, the swimming course takes place, of course within the prescribed hygiene measures.
I booked a room, but I'm not sure if I should travel. How does the hotel take care of my well-being?

We assure you that your stay with us will be as enjoyable and pleasurable as before. Of course there will be some “rules”, but these are easy to implement in our hotel due to the location and the spaciousness. As your hosts, we will do everything so that you feel comfortable and spend a nice holiday with us. If however, you still feel unsure, please feel free to contact us.

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