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In nature you can experience so much. Around the Hotel Neubergerhof in Filzmoos the possibilities of discovery are endless!

Experience nature

Smartphones away, mobile phones off - we meet each other outside! We spend far too much time staring at these modern displays! But real life takes place outside. Outside, where the sun shines, bees and butterflies sit on the colourful flowers, where you learn in the most natural way that nature can do more than just look beautiful.

Whether in summer or winter, no matter what the weather, whether it’s warm, cold, with family or friends, the time flies by while playing, having fun and being active.

Caterpillar on the leaf
 We're going to collect blackberries!
 Hike through the forest © Mannitou Outdoor

What are we doing today?

This question never remains unanswered during the holidays at Hotel Neubergerhof! Because on our hotel grounds, the options in the middle of the meadows, forests and Salzburg mountains are almost limitless.

 Walk in the forest © Mannitou Outdoor
Tough growth rings © Mannitou Outdoor
 The little stream below the hotel © Mannitou Outdoor
Look closely, it's fantastic, what you can see under stones, in the thicket of shrubs and in the treetops of Spruce, Larch and Fir trees.

The Neuberg Forest

Listen - that cheerful chirping must be the song of a Crested Tit!

Behind our stable building, a forest path leads towards the forest. There are clearings for playing, small walks and also 3D archery along the Bacher gorge with a small stream. Also our WASTL Indian village stands in a small forest, surrounded by swamp area, where many animals and Alpine plants have their home. Take your magnifying glass in your hand and start the discovery journey! What flower is this, what beetle is that that jumps there from leaf to leaf? Listen - that cheerful chirping must be the song of a Crested Tit!

Small stream

The "Fritzbach" below the Hotel

Our small stream below the hotel is not too big, has no current and is therefore ideal to walk around in with rubber boots or even barefoot. No summer passes in Filzmoos without a dam being built by the children in The Neubergerhof. Once, there was one that was so high that you could bathe in it for the rest of the summer. A self-made outdoor swimming pool – wonderful on hot summer days.

Sitting on a blanket on the shore or on the small bench, mum and dad listen to the soothing splash of water as the children build stone towers, look out for small trout or pick delicious watercress to eat.

Stroke, feed, love!

The Neubergerhof stable with petting zoo

Cats, horses, chicken, ducks,...
The animals at the Neubergerhof also enjoy the big wide world outside. In summer, dwarf pony Nelly tastes the fresh green grass on the meadow in front of the stable. The running ducks wade around freely in the yard, eating snails, much to the delight of Grandma and Maria, and swimming their laps in their own duck pond. The chickens, quails and silk chickens enjoy the view of the valley from their viewing platform. The rabbits and guinea pigs look forward to being stroked a lot.
 Horse sleeps in the pasture
The horses have also there freetime

Our horses in the pasture

On weekends, the big riding horses are also allowed out on the pasture. Since they are engaged in the horse riding operation from Monday to Friday, our horses have “time off” at the weekend. They romp in the pasture around the WASTL Indian Village, roll in the mud and sleep in the shade of the trees. This is really fun to watch when the horses enjoy their spare time!

Snow galore

Nature shows itself in a white dress.

In winter, the mountain village of Filzmoos is one of the “snowiest” villages in Austria and is often referred to by locals as a “snow hole”. There is always snow and plenty of it!

  • Snowman building - carrots and nuts you can get in the Neubergerhof kitchen
  • Snowball fight with friends
  • Build an igloo - you can get a shovel from us!
  • Grab a toboggan, zipflbob or snow disk and rush down the snow hill


 Have fun with the Zipflbob © Klaus Bauer
 Tobogganing at the house © Klaus Bauer
Build a snowman © Selina Flasch Photography

Lots and much more...

You can see that outdoor leisure activities at the Hotel Neubergerhof in Filzmoos are really varied. It doesn't take much to experience a few beautiful moments with the family that will always be remembered.

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