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Kneipp facility at the swimming pool
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 Tread water in our Kneipp facility © Selina Flasch Photography
Strengthens the immune system and gives strength.

Kneipping in our stream and sunbathing on the spacious sunbathing lawn

Soak up the sun and walk in the water

After an exciting day in the mountains, our guests can enjoy the small Kneipp facility, next to the swimming pool, for walking through the water along with the large sunbathing lawn and seating lounge to soak up the sun and recharge.

In our garden you will find small places to retreat to, listen to the sounds of nature, and just be content. While the children are enjoying themselves in the swimming pool or in the WASTL Kid’s Club, you can enjoy time for yourself.

Kneipp facility

Our Kneipp facility is particularly popular on hot summer days. After hiking, mountain biking or horse riding, you cool your overheated feet in the cold water. Our Kneipp facility is small but fine, surrounded by shrubs and grasses, where you walk through the water and stimulate your metabolism and promote blood circulation. Treading water increases healthy blood circulation and stimulates your metabolism.

This is due to the cold stimulus that is exerted on the skin and the blood vessels. The therapy, named after Sebastian Kneipp, is used to treat varicose veins and migraines. They say, that Kneipping helps you fall asleep better. So, it must be worth a try!

 The cozy lounge on the swimming pool terrace © Selina Flasch Photography
Time for yourself

Lounging possibilities outdoors

Either you can relax directly by the swimming pool or in the small lounge. Here, a small but fine seating area is waiting for you. Enjoy a good book or a wonderfully refreshing cocktail.

 The lawn behind the house © Klaus Bauer
You deserve it!

Little lounge coves

On the green sunbathing lawn you will find loungers, placed in pairs, in small plant and flower coves. In these almost private settings, you can enjoy the infinite view into the Neuberg valley, while the bees hum around you and the birds chirp over you.

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