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 Our swimming pool with loungers and panoramic views
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Couple at the pool edge of the indoor pool © Selina Flasch Photography
Bathing pleasure on vacation in Filzmoos

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Indoor pool with infrared cabin

In our 4-star hotel in Filzmoos you will find an extensive wellness programme for body, mind and soul. This includes our swimming pool with rest room and infrared cabin.

Adults and children swim, splash and chat here every day. Especially after a day skiing or hiking in the Salzburg mountains, a dip in the pleasantly warm water of 30°C is very relaxing. In the area of the indoor pool, there is also an infrared cabin for a soothing heat therapy.

 Family on the pool chairs © Selina Flasch Photography
 Swimming on family vacation © Selina Flasch Photography
 The infrared cabin in the swimming pool area © Selina Flasch Photography

Bathing fun for the whole family

In the swimming pool, both big and small guests are always welcome. Unlike in the feel-good oasis which is only accessible from the age of 18, the hotel swimming pool is open to everyone.

 Couple in the swimming pool © Selina Flasch Photography
 Complete view of the indoor pool in the Hotel Neubergerhof © Selina Flasch Photography

Swimming pool with 12 metres x 5 metres

Our indoor pool is located on the ground floor of the hotel with its own terrace exit onto the green sunbathing lawn, Kneipp facility and comfortable seating lounge. And if the weather doesn't play along, then there are enough loungers indoors for our guests. These are directly at the edge of the swimming pool or in the dedicated lounger room slightly separated from the swimming pool.
 The jump into the cool water © Selina Flasch Photography

Open from 07:00 to 10:00

The indoor pool at the 4-star Hotel Neubergerhof is open for you also in the morning. Here, you can swim your laps in the pool before breakfast. This strengthens you for the upcoming day’s holiday. And in the evening, a bit of relaxation before falling asleep is also highly recommended.

Infrared cabin

Health and physical well-being have a lot to do with warmth. It’s no wonder that most people feel more comfortable in warmer areas. Or that everyone enjoys sunbathing outside – no one likes to freeze. Especially in winter, when temperatures drop below 0°, one then looks for a feel-good heat source.

Additionally, mental health also plays an important role and here, too, a session in the infrared cabin contributes significantly to a relaxed state of mind.

Heat promotes health and relieves various ailments, and ancient cultures all over the world used heat and developed heat treatment methods. Even then, it was known that heat irradiation loosens the tissues, relieves pain and cleanses the body.


With regular use, the following effects should be felt:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Improved metabolism
  • Reduced tension and alleviated back pain
  • Positive effect on skin diseases
  • A light cardiovascular stamina training effect
Sandra Schneider
A tipp from our master of wellbeingSandra
More relaxation
Our beauty and massage treatments provide you with even more relaxation, a feeling of complete well-being. Sandra and her beauty team in the Neubergerhof feel-good oasis will be happy to advise you on the right treatments. You are also welcome to book your wellness appointment online before arrival.
Massage © Roland Wimmer
Just be satisfied

Wellness holiday enquiries

Look forward to a holiday with sun, water and tranquillity in all areas of our spa. Many quiet spots and relaxing loungers offer private space to recharge your batteries. We will happily create a custom offer for you or you make a binding reservation with our online booking form on this website.
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