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WASTL & Maya guide you through our new puzzle trail

Have you heard about our latest highlight at Neubergerhof? Not yet? Then it’s high time! Get a puzzle pass and the scratch coin at the reception, and start your adventure directly from Neubergerhof :-)

Together with the Hofer family from Gsenghofalm, we have designed a new themed hiking trail in Neuberg. Our faithful lead horse WASTL and the lovable farm dog Maya from Gsenghofalm will guide you through the wonderful nature of Neuberg. Along the way, you’ll find interesting information boards that tell you all about the world of animals and farms.

At each station, there is a question to answer. Using the information boards, you can solve the questions and scratch off the corresponding field in the puzzle pass with your coin. If you answer all the questions correctly and scratch them off, you will hopefully find the right word at the end. With the solution word, a surprise awaits you at the reception!

You should plan about 2.5 to 3 hours for the entire trail. Your adventure starts at Neubergerhof – even though it is listed as Station 6 in the puzzle pass. It doesn’t matter where you start your hike. Be attentive and always look around, small signposts will always show you the right direction.

Start your hike to the left of Neubergerhof and follow the somewhat steeper gravel path down to the crossroads. Always keep to the left until you reach Schoberhof. Below this crossroads, at the entrance to Schoberhof, a footpath leads you further downhill until you reach the main road. There, turn right and hike uphill towards Gsenghofalm. At the cattle grid, however, choose the right path to Nestlerhof. Follow this path from station to station until you come out below Gsenghofalm.

Are you thirsty or maybe already hungry? At Gsenghofalm, farm dog Maya is already waiting for you and looks forward to your visit. WASTL has already whispered to her that you are on your way to her ?

But don’t get too comfortable – the hike continues ? From Gsenghofalm, follow the wide path along the edge of the forest until the root path begins. Here it gets technically more challenging again. Finally, you will come out at the wooden bench, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views over Neuberg. Here it’s worth pausing for a moment to enjoy the day. From there you can already see the hotel. You’re almost there.

Now, stroll down the road to the adventure camp and from there along the left side of the stream back to the hotel.

Done!! If you have the correct solution word, you will get a small surprise at the reception.

Have fun discovering! :-)
the riddle card and the scratch-off coin in front of the Hotel Neubergerhof
a panel on the topic of the meadow habitat
a sign for the direction of the riddle path
the puzzle card and the scratch-off coin are lying in the green grass
a board on the topic on the alm below you can see hiking signs
a bench with a view of the hotel Neubergerhof and mountains in the background


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