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Try a balloon ride in Filzmoos

Due to Filzmoos has an alpine, central location, it has become the Mecca for balloonists
and Filzmoos is a ideal starting point for alpine trips over the Dachstein, the Tauern or over the Salzkammergut.

Between December and February, when it is freezing outside, the sun is shining and the hot air balloons start,
the sky over Filzmoos is usually very colorful.

You can also experience a balloon ride as a guest. They start at 8 a.m. with the set up of the balloons.
Then it takes about 2.5 hours and the ride takes up about 3000 m above the mountains.
Since the air is often clearer in winter than in summer, a view of over 100 km is no rarity.

After landing, the team is packing the balloon and you will drive back to Filzmoos.
Sturdy shoes and very warm clothing are very important for a trip,

as it is very cold high up.

If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones on a special occasion,

this is definitely a good tip.

For 290.00 euros you can book a unique and eventful balloon ride.

Here are a few more facts about hot air balloons:
A hot air balloon consists of a tight cover that is filled with a propellant gas that is lighter than the surrounding air.
The balloon can rise up due to the heated propellant gas. Since there are no thermals in winter
(Updrafts, which are formed by the warming of the soil by solar radiation in the warm season), the balloons can drive all day.

But why do you say "drive"?
The first balloonists said they were floating in the sea of ​​air.
And since the seafarers travel in the sea, balloons travel in the sea of ​​air.
So they adopted the "rules" of seafaring.

Balloon ride in Filzmoos
Hot air balloon ride in Filzmoos
balloon ride


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