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Loyal companions and current pensioners

Not only do we start the off-season in the hotel, but also our horses. As many already know, this was the last summer season for Benni and Jenny here at the Neubergerhof. After 22 years we are now saying goodbye to our two oldest Haflingers in their well-deserved retirement.
The two of them are now enjoying their free time with Geli's cousin in Styria. They can live in a large box with a daily paddock. We, but especially Geli, said goodbye to the two of them with one laughing and one crying eye. Geli grew up with them and they have always been loyal companions. Despite everything, we are very happy that both of them can now relax and enjoy the rest of their life.

Memories and facts of the two:


  • when the Neubergerhof bought her, her name was actually Jessy, but we already had a Jessy, so she was given the name Jenny, which suits her well
  • she was born in Lower Austria
  • she is the Mother from Johnny
  • she was always the fastest when racing on the meadow


  • chief of the herd
  • sometimes stubborn
  • was hungry around the clock
  • photo model
  • very nice and cuddly



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