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From the yard to the table – regional products from the town

The Neubergerhof takes regional products as well as possible. The most of our suppliers are in the neighbourhood and provide us with fresh products every day. The long cooperation with the various farmers has resulted in true friendship. We proudly present our local suppliers:

You find 100% juicy fillet steaks on our menu. These are from the ox of our own farm. But it’s not just about our own products.

Some products like milk, which is every day in your coffee or cocoa, is from the Lettenhof. The neighbouring company has been owned by the Rieder family since 1930. 3 generations work together and feed 7 cows, which produce every day approx. 90 liter best farm milk. In addition to the cows, 3 pigs, 3 horses and approx. 40 chickens live on the farm.

If you have ever visited the Neubergerhof, you must have noticed the aquarium in front of the hotel. The fishes are from the Nestlerhof, which is also in Neuberg. The Rettenwender family breeds trout and char since 40 years. They deliver them to the surrounding hotels. Approx. 1000 kg of fish are sold each year.

We get the various meat and sausages from the butcher “Max Mann”. The company is in Hüttau.

The butcher has existed since 1984 and has been delivering to the Neubergerhof for around 30 years. Max Mann and his 10 employees process and sell pork bacon, raw sausage, salami or veal and everything from the region.

The mountain cheese from the breakfast buffet is produced by the Rettenwender family.
The Kirchgasshof is at the main street to Filzmoos. He is known for his excellent range of ice cream. Johanna, the daughter, produces every week about 45 different types of ice cream. Klaus and Cilli sell their homemade ice cream since 2001 on their farm “Eisstadl” and deliver them to the surrounding hotels. Their son Stefan takes care of the farm and his 25 cows. Their daughter Justina takes care of their own pasture.

The Wolflehenhof from the neighbourhood supply us with fresh curd cheese and cream cheese. The farm has been in the family since 1935. They have been organic farmers since 1991. You really can taste that in their products. About 6 cows, 14 chickens and 1 rooster live on the farm from the Vierthaler family.

Last but not least we get the venison from the Filzmoos hunters. This is harvested in the Filzmoos forests and then processed directly in the Neubergerhof.

We are extremely proud to be able to source so many local suppliers and regional products. That is why we make every effort to use 100% of the products and the animals.


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