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First aid at the Neubergerhof

Normally, every driving licence holder has taken a first aid course at some point. First aid is defined as lifesaving and health-preserving emergency measures, that are easy to learn. If an apnoea or a cardiac arrest, bleeding, or any other injuries – the first aid course teaches you exactly how to deal with these situations.

We hope that we don’t need this knowledge – but a regular refreshment is very important. It doesn’t matter if it’s a combustion in the kitchen, an emergency in a hotel room or a traffic accident – do you know what to do in an emergency?

So that the knowledge and the memories are preserved, the Neubergerhof attended a first aid refresher course at the “Rotes Kreuz” (ambulance station) in Radstadt. Part of this course was the “rescue-chain” – this means the alerting of the rescue workers, the protection of the accident and caring for the patient. The right position of the patient, the heart-lung message and the handling of the semi-automatic defibrillator is an significant part too.

The course instructor showed us how to get unconscious people out of a car and what we have to do if somebody chokes. Luckily, these are all situations that we don’t have every day. But there are still moments, which need our knowledge and the right handling.

We are sure – if there is an emergency at the Neubergerhof, we are all well-trained to deal with the situation as good as we can.

We are very thankful about our course instructor Thomas from the “Rotes Kreuz Radstadt”, who made the refreshing course relaxed but still interesting and very informative. Of course, we would say thank you to the “Rotes Kreuz Radstadt” and all volunteers too.  

First aid course team exercises
First aid course at the Hotel Neubergerhof
First aid measures
First Aid Basics
Putting on a bandage in the first aid course
Exercises in the first aid course
First aid course at the 4* Hotel Neubergerhof in Filzmoos
First aid course with the Red Cross
Hotel team at the first aid course
Team Neubergerhof at the first aid course
learn resuscitation techniques
Lateral position in first aid course


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