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A hike that begins at sunrise and culminates in an unforgettable hut tour

That really is the pinnacle.
Yes, that's right.
It's not far from the Hotel Neubergerhof until you find yourself in the middle of the mountains and are rewarded with a fantastic view. The view is actually incredibly beautiful from the hotel too - without having to go on a hike.
But let's stick to our hike to the summit. The only question that remains is which summit we are talking about here. To be honest, we can't answer this question clearly, because with the Hotel Neubergerhof as your holiday home for your hiking holiday, you can climb so many mountains and their peaks that one magazine article would probably not be enough.
Nevertheless, we would like to describe the hike to at least one of these peaks.
When the tour starts is up to you. However, we would like to tell you that starting before sunrise is particularly worthwhile. So off you go in your own car in the direction of the Hofalmen, where the actual starting point of the hiking tour is located. From the car park at the Hofalmen, continue on foot in the direction of the Hofpürglhütte. Just a few metres up, you will be rewarded by the first rays of sunshine, which bathe the forest in a golden light and create an incomparable atmosphere.

After just over an hour, you reach the Hofpürglhütte - a rustic mountain hut that is perfect for a break to enjoy the clear morning air and fantastic views - even if you didn't get up too early in the morning. Even without the sunrise, this hike is worth the metres in altitude.
The summit we were talking about is ‘hidden’ a little below the hut, but don't worry, it's still perfect for a traditional #summitselfie.
Enough enjoyment and rest. From the Hofpürglhütte, it's back downhill to the starting point of the hike, where you can stop off at the charming Unterhofalm and Oberhofalm mountain huts. Both huts are known for their warm hospitality and delicious regional specialities. Here you can fortify yourself with a hearty snack and take in the idyllic mountain scenery.
You could say that this is the end of the hike. But what would an end be without a new beginning? 

Filzmoos is also known for its numerous hiking trails, which are suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. So if you are an experienced hiker or simply have enough stamina left, don't put an end to the whole thing just yet, but continue your hike strengthened, over the Almsee lake up to the Sulzenschneid. A beautiful mountain peak that is anything but ‘hidden’ and can be reached after a walk of around 3 hours.
If you still have the time and desire afterwards, you can stop off at the Sulzenalm on the way back, where you will also be well catered for. However, you should always keep an eye on the clock, as the afternoon snack at the Neubergerhof ends at 5 pm and you don't want to miss out on the buffet - even if the sunset at the Sulzenalm has it's charm. 


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