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A trip to the Silberkarklamm in Ramsau am Dachstein

An Adventure for the Whole Family

Start your journey from Neubergerhof and drive approximately thirty minutes towards Ramsau. The drive itself is an experience, offering breathtaking views of the majestic Dachstein massif, hinting at the impressive destination ahead.

The Hike
Your hike begins at the Silberkarklamm parking lot. The trail starts at a turquoise reservoir, follows an impressive forest stream, and gently ascends. The well-maintained path includes numerous steps, leading directly over the babbling brook – a small adventure that is especially exciting for children. Roaring waterfalls, towering rock walls, and a unique view of the surrounding mountains make this hike unforgettable. In the spring, the landscape becomes even more colorful with a variety of blooming flowers. The wild and romantic atmosphere of the gorge is a real treat, making the hike particularly appealing for families. Even in less-than-perfect weather, the gorge offers a unique charm. After about 20 minutes, you will have traversed the gorge, and two paths lead to Silberkarhütte.

Tip: For a leisurely ascent, take the left path marked as the "Normaler Weg," which gently follows the stream to the hut. The right path, marked as the "Heinrich-Pilz-Weg," is steeper and passes through the forest, making it an exciting option for the return journey. The entire tour takes about 2.5 hours, covering 341 meters in elevation gain.

Break at Silberkarhütte
After about 45 minutes of hiking, you'll reach a small alpine pasture. Nestled in the cirque, the cozy Silberkarhütte is perfect for a well-deserved rest. Here, you can enjoy the splendid view and refuel for the hike back.

Return via the "Höhenweg"
You can choose to return via the Höhenweg, which offers stunning views. This path leads left from the hut, along a challenging and sometimes exposed trail along the slope. You'll reach a fantastic viewpoint, offering expansive views of the area. The trail then narrows and steeply descends through the forest, ending at a crossroads. From there, the path leads left back to the gorge entrance.

Entry Fees

  • Adults: € 4.90 | Children: € 2.90
  • Groups (15+ people): Adults: € 4.50 | Children: € 2.50

Relaxation After the Adventure
After your adventure in Silberkarklamm and covering 5.38 km, a special reward awaits you on the Neubergerhof's sun terrace: refreshing cocktails from the Sepp & Soda Bar. End the day with a delicious drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the well-deserved relaxation and the impressive view that Neubergerhof offers.

We wish you an unforgettable excursion and look forward to hearing your stories and experiences!

brook with a mountain view
reservoir with a mountainview
View of the mountains between two cliffs
Silberkarhut in between green nature and mountains


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