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 Swimming courses in the family hotel in Filzmoos
to learn how to swim © Selina Flasch Photography
Children's swimming from 4 years

Swimming courses at The Neubergerhof from 4 years old for beginners and advanced

Water lovers take note!

A holiday at The Neubergerhof in Filzmoos is the best for learning to swim! Your children have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons at the Hotel Neubergerhof.

With the 3-stage swim learning system of FREDS SWIM ACADEMY and of course lots of fun, the little water rats correctly learn the breast stroke.

With a maximum group size of 6 children, our swimming instructors respond individually to each child. Learning new techniques or refining existing knowledge can be done by all children who have already acquired the seahorse or penguin.

Martin Grunert - Water rat since childhood

We receive support for the swimming courses from Martin Grunert and his team, MG swims-cool, who act as a partner of FREDS SWIM ACADEMY.

Here, babies, toddlers and children are supported in their respective development phase with the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” and the 3-stage swim-learning system which teaches them how to swim breast stroke correctly.

Your child’s sense of security in the SWIMTRAINER “Classic” in every learning phase enables easy and fast learning.

Children's swimming from 4 years old

  • Swimming times: on request
  • Swimming lessons take place without parents
  • SWIMTRAINERS are provided for the course
  • Minimum participants: 2 children
  • 5 units of 50 minutes: € 80

Advanced swimmers (the following criteria must be met):

  • 25 m breast-stroke
  • Jump from the edge of the pool into the water
  • Swimming times: on request
  • Minimum participants: 2 children
  • 5 units of 50 minutes: € 80

The success is based on:

  • the specially designed swimming aids SWIMTRAINER “Classic”
  • methodological, child-friendly teaching programmes
  • specially trained trainers, experienced in dealing with children
Martin Grunert
A tipp from our swimming coachMartin Grunert
Learn to swim on vacation
Learning to swim is not a matter of course but necessary. We convey your children the basics in breast-stroke or take their first swimming badges. The highlight of our offer is the mermaid swimming where you are diving under water and learn great tricks. We also have something for fitness and relaxation for adults in the programm.

Swimming like a mermaid - once a week at our hotel

An absolute highlight for all kids who have ever wanted to glide through the water like a mermaid - this is mermaid swimming in our indoor pool. Under professional supervision, the children enjoy gliding and moving over and in the water with a mermaid fin.

These so-called mono-fins are available from us at the hotel.
Prerequisite - you have to be a good and advanced swimmer. We teach the technique to the children. And soon the playful form of this swimming style will be internalised. And it's even more fun with a few swimming and diving games!

Swimming like a mermaid Price
Per person incl. fin EUR 30,00

Aqua Feeling & Aqua Relax - 1x weekly in the hotel

Aqua Feeling & Aqua Relax consists of exercises of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi and alternates between relaxation and holistic body training. Also suitable for participants without Pilates or Aqua-Fitness experience.

  • Duration 45 Minuten
  • This offer is free of charge
  • For participants aged 14 and over

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