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Horse Riding holidays in the Salzburger Land, Austria, for children
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Riding holidays in Filzmoos with 8 horses and dwarf pony Nelly

Cross-country up hill and down dale

On our small farm in Filzmoos, surrounded by green nature, between flowering meadows and forests, 9 horses are waiting for enthusiastic riders. The stable is located directly on our hotel grounds and is also within easy reach for the parents, should the children lose time while cleaning and grooming the horses.

In addition to the furry four-legged friends, Geli is the secret star at the riding stable. She is a passionate horsewoman herself and has turned her passion into a profession. And she also loves spending time with the kids. This ensures the kids have an unforgettable time with Geli and her loving horses.

 The horses at the Neubergerhof © Selina Flasch Photography
 Geli looks after the riding business. © Selina Flasch Photography
 The ride goes through the stream. © Selina Flasch Photography

More than just horse riding...

Geli enjoys it when there are hard-working helpers, who help her from Monday to Friday with the grooming, combing and saddling-up - after all 8 horses mean a lot of work.

Guided tours for younger guests © Selina Flasch Photography
 Trail rides for advanced riders © Selina Flasch Photography

Our riding offers

Children 3 years and older can take part in the horse riding. For our guests up to 18 years of age, riding is free of charge.

  • For the slightly more advanced there are the “Little Rides”. These last about 30 minutes and lead through open terrain in a walk and a trot.
  • The “Big Rides” for those saddle-safe riders take about 50 minutes, where there is also galloping.

Children under the age of 18 must make a short ride before their first ride out to familiarise themselves with the horses and to assess their abilities.

We ask for your understanding that rides may be cancelled depending on the weather.

Horse riding at the Neubergerhof © Selina Flasch Photography

1x weekly horse wellness day

Together with Geli, the horses are really pampered once a week as they have also earned it. The horses are washed, cleaned, their manes and tails braided and embellished with glitter spray, their hooves painted and lots more...

First and foremost, our WASTL

WASTL here, WASTL there – you have probably noticed that WASTL is a recurring term for us here at Neubergerhof. But why? This is simply explained:

WASTL is the head horse in the herd and the namesake of our kid’s club and also our mascot on the farm. And, of course, there's a story behind it.

WASTL and his story

One of our regular guests from Germany had a son named Sebastian. When 9-year-old Sebastian from Recklinghausen came here again on holiday with his family, a foal was born in our stable. Sebastian was the lucky one who was allowed to name the young Noriker. And he called it WASTL, the Bavarian-Austrian variation of the name of Sebastian.

Correctly named - Wastl von Waldprinz.

And our WASTL kid’s club has been in existence since 1996. 20 years of many laughing kids, who now come back to the Neubergerhof and to the WASTL with their own kids.

Prices for riders aged 18 and over:

  • Circuit on the lead (approx. 20 minutes) for beginners € 10
  • Small ride (approx. 30 minutes) for slightly advanced, saddle-safe riders € 22
  • Big ride (approx. 50 minutes) for fully saddle-safe riders € 33

These are WASTL and his horse mates

WASTL and his horse mates (2 Haflinger, 4 Friesen, 1 Camargue Horse, 1 ReitponyxQuarter 1 Dwarf pony)

already scratching their hooves and waiting for you.

The boss of the herd.


  • Wastl is the mascot of our hotel
  • Date of birth: 31.03.2008
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
The sensitive giant


  • Amadeus wouldn’t hurt a fly
  • Date of birth: 21.04.2005
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
Saleika © Selina Flasch Photography
Adorable and sometimes a little sleepy


  • Saleika loves being petted and groomed, which makes her a little sleepy
  • Date of birth: 11.03.2004
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
The girls hearts melt away!


  • Jack is our black beauty and ladies’ favourite
  • Date of birth: 21.04.2011
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
Sensitive and really adorable


  • Johnny is the youngest four-legged friend in the herd and darling of all the girls.
  • Date of birth: 03.04.2010
  • Breed: Haflinger-Friesen-Mix
She is the shy one in the stable


  • Moni is a sweet, rather reserved mare and has already settled in very well in the Neubergerhof herd
  • She has been with us since November 2022.
  • Date of birth: 03.03.2016
  • Breed: Hungarian warmblood
Bella, our sugar-sweet lady!


  • Bella lifes hier at the farm since november 2020. She is so cuddly and is capturing the hearts of the kids already
  • Date of birth: 15.04.2009
  • Breed: Reitpony x Quarter
Small, but oho our lovely Cerise!

Cerise des Fiolles

  • Cerise is our little diva and lives also since November 2020 at our farm.
  • Date of birth: 30.03.2012
  • Breed: Camargue Horse
Nelly © Selina Flasch Photography
Small but powerfull!


  • Nelly, the little dwarf pony, who is happy to be a hairstyle model and walking companion for the smallest guests
  • Date of birth: 05.05.2009
  • Breed: Dwarf pony

Moment of satisfaction

Vacation at the Neubergerhof

"At dinner when the children talk about their day with sparkling eyes."

Kirsten (47 y.)
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