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The family trips in SalzburgerLand are both family-friendly and kid’s buggy friendly

Excursions with children

Children love nature, wildlife and are very keen to discover SalzburgerLand in a playful way. Streams are explored curiously and plants are observed with big eyes. When hiking, walking, climbing and playing in nature, you learn a lot of interesting things.

We have happily put together an excerpt for you of the most beautiful family excursions. We also visit them with our smallest family members and therefore speak from experience. The excursions for families around SalzburgerLand are really worth seeing.

 Climbing on Bärtl's hiking trail © Tourismusinformation Filzmoos
Play, have fun and hike.

Bärtl's family hiking trail in Filzmoos

On Bärtl's family hiking trail you follow a trail with various play stations for balancing, climbing, sliding and swinging. In addition, a see-saw and distance throwing station are waiting for the children. A leisurely walk along the edge of the forest in Übermoos Filzmoos
 Walking with children
On the stamp, ready, go!

Moosalm Stamp Trail Filzmoos

The start of the Stamp Trail is at the valley station of the Papageno gondola in Filzmoos. It takes about 1 hour to walk from stamp station to stamp station and onto the Moosalm. Arriving at the top, the children get a great surprise for their fully stamped booklet. The stamp booklet is available at the Hotel Neubergerhof reception.
 Feed marmots
Tip: Alpine rodents particularly like peanuts!

Marmot hike to the Bachlalm

Take the hiking bus or your private car in the direction of Ramsau am Dachstein to the Bachlalm car park. From there, it takes about 1 hour through forests and streams to Bachlalm. On the way, you will find various holes and structures where the marmots live and like to look out. Tip: Alpine rodents particularly like peanuts and carrots.

Wagrainis Grafenberg

in Wagrain (ca. 20 Minutes by car)
Entrance at the valley station of the Grafenberg gondola lift in Wagrain. At the top, more than 30 oversized adventure stations are waiting at Wagrainis Grafenberg, the summer destination for family holidaymakers in Wagrain-Kleinarl:
  • Themed trails “The Busy Bee” & “Fascination Trail”
  • Mountain lake with wooden raft and suspension bridge
  • Rope garden with balancing equipment and swing ropes
  • Marmot observation station
  • Späthkogel and Sonntagskogel panoramic mountains
  • Barefoot path
  • Swinging forest
  • Climbing wall
 Sankt Johann ghost mountain © Tourismusverband St. Johann im Pongau
Now it's getting scary!

Geisterberg St. Johann/Alpendorf

This leisure and adventure park is located about 30 minutes from Filzmoos, high on the Geisterberg Mountain. Four ghostly worlds are waiting for the children.
Together with their families, the young children will find the most diverse spirits on the Wichtelweg. Air swings, bird nests, climbing dragon, ghost tower, water games, ghost lake, cone shooting stalls and much more are waiting for the bigger ones in the Alpine amusement park. The really big ones will find a hiking and nature experience of a special kind in a wonderful panoramic location. Take a walk on secured hiking trails, enjoy splashing in the water and relaxing at the Fairy Space.
 Ice sculptures in the ice giant world © Eisriesenwelt GmbH
Dress warmly!

Ice Caves Werfen

... the largest ice caves on earth. Discover the wonders of the world's largest ice caves. You will see ice palaces of crystal clear beauty that will take you to a wintry icy world, even on hot summer days. Not suitable for toddlers, but an unforgettable experience for the bigger ones. Dress warmly, because inside the cave it is always below 0°C, even on hot summer days
Hohenwerfen Castle © Salzburg Burgen und Schlösser Betriebsführung
Check out the flight show!

Hohenwerfen Castle

A tour of the castle includes a tour of the castle chapel, the pitch kitchen, the armoury, the defensive passage, the bell tower and the adapted Prince's room. The illuminated exhibition on the construction history as well as the new weapons exhibition “To arms! Power, Honour, Submission” give visitors exciting insights into medieval life. From April to October, Hohenwerfen Castle is the scene of a variety of events such as festival weekends, fairy-tale walks and night tours. The absolute highlight is the falconry show with falcons, hawks and other birds of prey. Please check in advance the dates of the flight demonstrations in the castle garden.
 The Filzmooser Almsee © Coen Weesjes
Cozy and not exhausting.

Short walk around the Filzmooser Almsee

Directly under the Bischofsmütze Mountain in Filzmoos lies the small Almsee, idyllically nestled between mountains, meadows and rocks. Around the Almsee there is a small walking trail, which can also be walked with kid’s buggies. The Hofalmen can be accessed by hiking bus or with your private car. There is, however, a road toll which has to be paid.

Nature and environmental trail in Ramsau am Dachstein

The Sattelberg in Ramsau am Dachstein is ideal for children. The learning stations along the way are exciting and interesting not only for the children. Adults can also learn something about the Austrian flora and fauna. On this 3-hour hike, the family can expect 15 stations to learn from and marvel at.

Flori's adventure trail in Flachau

At the Grießenkar in Flachau there is an ideal hiking tour for families. The starting point for the kid’s buggy-friendly trail is the Waldgasthof, located at the mountain station of the Starjet 1 cable car. The trail takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, with many games and puzzles awaiting the children. There is also a Flying Fox, a climbing wall, swings and a forest slide.

Swimming in Ramsau Beach

In the neighbouring village of Ramsau, the Ramsau Beach play paradise is waiting for the whole family with:
  • Forest high-rope climbing garden
  • Bathing lake with large sunbathing lawn and restaurant
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Sliding Soccer
  • Trampoline

Summer tobogganing in Flachau - Lucky Flitzer

The 8er-Jet in Flachau is home to the year-round roller coaster, the “Lucky Flitzer”. Over a track length of about 1 km it goes downhill rapidly. The top speed is almost 40 km/h with 5 gyroscopes and 2 jumps awaiting all adrenaline junkies.

Helpful tips for an excursion with children:

  • Make sure you take the right gear with you. Wet clothing such as a rain jacket, weather and cold protection must be taken with you
  • Check out the weather in advance. The weather in the mountains can change very quickly
  • Always stay on marked paths
  • Take enough water with you for all family members
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