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 Indian village
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 Bonfire on a winter vacation while walking into our adventure camp
This is real adventure!

Adventure in the Indian village at the Neubergerhof in Filzmoos with campfire, archery and teepees

WASTL Indianerdorf

It’s just a short walk from the Neubergerhof over the stream until you reach the camp with Indian teepees and large fire pit. It is located in a small forest opposite the hotel.

Sitting by the campfire, shooting with bow & arrow and sinking nails into the chopping trunk, watching birds and squirrels in the middle of nature - all this is still a lot of fun in the age of social media.

In the Indian village, we built Indian teepees, a campfire site, a saloon, a small workshop and lots of seats, and also spent many nice evenings there. The small forest village has been around for 25 years and has not lost any of its charm.

Children sit around the campfire © Klaus Bauer
 Children with Indian jewelry © Klaus Bauer
 Wooden huts in the Indian village © Klaus Bauer

Weekly archery tournament

Another highlight of the summer weekly program is the archery tournament for children and adults. Each competitor has 4 shots, with the 3 best counted. At the big award ceremony around the campfire, the winners of every age group are traditionally lifted up onto the shoulders and celebrated by friends and family!

 Children are always looking forward to the evening in the WASTL Indian village
 Small hut village in the forest

Sitting by the crackling campfire

Together you sit around the dancing flames, tell each other stories, grill stick bread or listen to a story during the fairy tale hour. In winter, you enjoy a Punsch in the snow-covered winter forest by the campfire.

 Torchlight hike with the whole family © Klaus Bauer
A great experience!

Family excursion incl. torch-lit hike

Once a week after dinner, all families make their way to the camp. The kids organise an archery tournament. Maybe you have your guitar with you and you can sing a song? After an adventurous evening in the middle of nature, we head back to the Neubergerhof in the glow of the torches.

Children's hike through Neuberg

With the WASTL Kid’s Club, once a week the children take a small hike through Neuberg. In the adventure camp a hearty picnic is had in the shade of the trees. The kitchen team from Neubergerhof has certainly packed many healthy and tasty things. Just be careful that the squirrels and co. don't nibble away the goodies.

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