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 Farm and petting zoo with rabbits, guinea pigs and much more in Filzmoos
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Holidays with horses, cats, rabbits, ducks in The Neubergerhof in Filzmoos

Farm & Petting Zoo

The children, and also the adults, experience real, unforgettable holiday moments on our farm with its petting zoo. Here, the stable is mucked out daily by Martin Reiter, the small animals are fed by Grandma Reiter and the horses are groomed and looked after by Geli.

Large and small animals find their home here in the middle of the beautiful Salzburg mountains. We are happy to tell you more about our farm life at Neubergerhof.

 Martin Reiter takes care of his animals.
Our quails in the stable
 Sophia strokes the guinea pigs
... little friends
 Our ducks - no snail is safe from them!
 Our rabbit

Many animal friends in the petting zoo are waiting for the children

  • Cats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Running ducks
  • Rooster & chickens
  • Quails
Martin feeds his animals.
Martin takes care of his animals.

Mucking out the stable - that's for the boss!

If you listen carefully around 16:00, you will hear soft sounds coming from the stable building! What's going on?  That is Martin Reiter mucking out the stable. Every day he turns on the radio while doing his stable work. The horses and oxen like it as they are not used to anything else!

There is a lot happening in everyday farm life

Get to know the life on the farm

Everyday farm life means not only the daily stable work, but also the mucking out, feeding and haying. In summer, the tractors are in full swing when Martin Sr. and Martin Jr. bring in the hay harvest. Many dear helpers also rake in the hay under the hot summer sun.

 Our proud rooster
 Maria cuddles with the quail
 Visit animals in the stable

These are WASTL and his horse colleagues

 May we indtroduce our stars in the riding stable

The boss of the herd and mascot of our hotel


  • Wastl is the mascot of our hotel
  • Date of birth: 31.03.2008
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
The sensitive giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly


  • Amadeus wouldn’t hurt a fly
  • Date of birth: 21.04.2005
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
Saleika © Selina Flasch Photography
Adorable and sometimes a little sleepy


  • Saleika loves being petted and groomed, which makes her a little sleepy
  • Date of birth: 11.03.2004
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
The girls hearts melt away!


  • Jack is our black beauty and ladies’ favourite
  • Date of birth: 21.04.2011
  • Breed: Friesen-Haflinger-Mix
Sensitive and really adorable


  • Johnny is the youngest four-legged friend in the herd and darling of all the girls.
  • Date of birth: 03.04.2010
  • Breed: Haflinger-Friesen-Mix
She is the shy one in the stable


  • Moni is a sweet, rather reserved mare and has already settled in very well in the Neubergerhof herd
  • She has been with us since November 2022.
  • Date of birth: 03.03.2016
  • Breed: Hungarian warmblood
Bella, our sugar-sweet lady!


  • Bella lifes here at the farm since november 2020. She is so cuddly and is capturing the hearts of the kids already.
  • Date of birth: 15.04.2009
  • Breed: Reitpony x Quarter
Small, but oho our lovely Cerise!

Cerise des fiolles

  • Cerise is our little diva and lives also since November 2020 at our farm.
  • Date of birth: 30.03.2012
  • Breed: Camargue Horse
Nelly © Selina Flasch Photography
Small but powerfull!


  • Nelly, the little dwarf pony, who is happy to be a hairstyle model and walking companion for the smallest guests
  • Date of birth: 05.05.2009
  • Breed: Dwarf pony
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