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 Girl in the grass © Roland Wimmer
It's the little things in life.

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The Neubergerhof is a 4-star hotel that offers everything you would expect from 4 stars, but also much more - warm-heartedness and true hospitality. Here, you really get the feeling of being welcome. Neubergerhof guests experience a holiday that really does justice to the word holiday - being able to let go and just be.

Great satisfaction, relaxation, feeling good and taking this feeling home with you. There is real humanity in the Neubergerhof. The philosophy is - less is more, simply be content. This is how the Neubergerhof clearly differentiates itself from other businesses. The Reiter family are your hosts with all their heart and soul.

Enjoy the panoramic view while hiking. © Roland Wimmer
 The 4-star Hotel Neubergerhof © Roland Wimmer

Find your own personal sense of contentment

When the sun rises high above Filzmoos and the mountains invite you to hike, ski and bike, then at Neubergerhof it's time to arrive and simply be content.

In front of the panorama of the Bischofsmütze Mountain and the Dachstein Massif, the Neubergerhof lies in the middle of unspoilt landscapes in the Filzmoos district of Neuberg. Here, the stream splashes and over there the meadows smell lovely. This is why we don’t have to use any English arty terms for contemporary individualists.

We look forward to welcoming you to Filzmoos, far away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Your Reiter family

It can be so easy to simply be content!

We have stopped using superlatives. We know that the size of the hotel, the number of rooms or the number of square meters in the spa is not important. It’s all about the places to feel good, the rare moments of real recuperation and the relaxation time that truly makes a holiday.

We warmly welcome you to Filzmoos. A place on earth where slowing-down comes naturally by itself.

"What are the moments of satisfaction at the Neubergerhof?"

For me, my Neubergerhof is ...

"...when you turn towards Neuberg and you see the Bischofsmütze in front of you, it feels like coming home”

Karl-Heinz (62 y.)
For me, my Neubergerhof is ...

„...when you sit on the terrace, enjoy a coffee and can just listen to the birds chirping, that's a holiday”

Christina (33 y.)
For me, my Neubergerhof is ...

"...when the family members take care of the guests as if you were already a part of the family...”

Senta (68 y.)
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