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The Reiter family
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4 generations of the family clan work at the Hotel Neubergerhof in Filzmoos

The Reiter family

Our guests particularly appreciate the personal commitment and the open cordiality with which we are happy to fulfil all wishes, including special requests. Whether you are just in Filzmoos for a few days holiday or spending a longer stay in SalzburgerLand - we are happy to offer you and your family a few carefree days.

The Reiter family can be felt throughout the whole hotel. Whether it’s Grandma Reiter in the herb garden, Martin and Maria in the kitchen, Angelika with the horses and in the kid’s club, or Martin and Alexandra on the reception – the Reiter family has an open ear everywhere for guests’ wishes and also some time for a nice chat in between.

Eva Reiter © Roland Wimmer
Washing machine expert & all-rounder

Eva "Grandma" Reiter

There is a good reason why everything runs smoothly in the Neubergerhof. For more than 60 years, Grandma Reiter has been taking on many tasks with a lot of diligence and drive. She helps in the kitchen, takes care of the small animals and weeds the herb garden. Grandma also painstakingly examines every little hole in the tablecloths and bed linen. She also ensures that everything is correct in the laundry. The fact that there was no electricity or running water at the farm in the past does not prevent our Grandma Reiter from operating the modern high-tech washing machines today.

Just as she is proud of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the younger ones are also proud of their active and lively grandma.

Martin Reiter senior © Roland Wimmer
Super dad, senior boss & even better grandpa!

Martin Reiter Sr.

Martin grew up there where it is most beautiful - at Neubergerhof! He spent his childhood on the farm and outside in nature. No wonder then that he has become a passionate farmer. From his mother Eva Reiter, he gained his love of cooking already in the cradle. Combining both these interests perfectly is something you can really taste with everything you find on your plate every day. When Martin is not creating in the kitchen, he can be found at the hotel bar having a chat with the guests or with his oxen, which he takes care of on his own farm.

However, since Sophia, Martin Jr. Jr., Maria and Max have arrived, grandpa doesn't have much time left for his usual afternoon nap. This has had to be shortened so that he can fulfil his grandfatherly duties and take care of his little whirlwinds.

Maria Reiter © Roland Wimmer
Nature lover & pastry chef

Maria Reiter

Together with her husband Martin and her son-in-law Lars, she leads the team in the kitchen.  She is both an early-bird and a night-owl, because she is usually the first and the last of the family to see the guests at the Neubergerhof. Nothing escapes her and no detail goes unnoticed by her. What makes Maria happy? That she can live and work in the midst of nature. And that her own family complements the Neubergerhof team. After all, what could be better than everyone pulling together for a passionate project? By the way, her heart beats for delicious pastries. She is a cook with heart and soul, making the best Quark Strudel in the world, among other things.

When Maria isn’t starting the food mixer, then she's out in the garden. For, in addition to Grandma Reiter, Maria also nurtures and cares for all the wonderful flowers which have to be replanted, fertilised and used every year.

Since her four grandchildren, Sophia, Martin Jr. Jr., Maria and Max were born, a daily walk and looking after the little Reiters has of course become a part of this proud grandma’s daily routine.

Martin Reiter junior © Selina Flash Photography
Enthusiastic host and proud dad!

Martin Reiter jun.

The Neubergerhof is very happy that Martin Reiter Jr. has returned to his roots. After graduating from the agricultural school, he went straight to the award-winning restaurant Döllerer in Golling, where he completed his chef’s apprenticeship. Afterwards, Martin worked in the best places in Austria and South Tyrol. He has since implemented the know-how he gained there with great ambition and dedication inside his parents' business. But now Martin Reiter Jr. can be found on the reception. Replaced by his dear brother-in-law Lars, who now leads the regiment in the kitchen, Martin is now a guest supervisor and has taken up the position as young hotelier in the Neubergehof.

And so that a bit of fun remains, he likes to spend time with guests on ski tours or hikes, and also looks after the hotel grounds with the tractor, lawnmower or quad bike.

And his greatest pride - his small family with wife Manuela, his daughter Sophia, who was born in January 2018, and his son Martin Jr. Jr., who was born in April 2019.

Manuela Reiter © Selina Flash Photography
Lively superwoman and thoroughbred mom!

Manuela Reiter

If we could choose the perfect employee, we would choose our Manuela. As a trained hotel & hospitality assistant and trained sommelier, she fits perfectly into our team and our family.This native of Vorarlberg has many years’ experience in the tourism branch. She completed her training as a hotel and hospitality assistant in Lech am Arlberg at the Hotel Post. Thereafter, Manu learned the art of fine dining in many places in Austria, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. In her 2014 summer season in Oberlech am Arlberg, it happened that Manuela met our Martin Reiter Jr. in the kitchen. It didn't take long for Manuela to get to know and fall in love with her Martin.

Since 2015, Manuela has been working and living at the Neubergerhof and inspires us every day with her caring manner, her lovable Vorarlberg dialect, her helpfulness and her permanently warm smile. You can find Manuela chatting with the guests on reception, serving in the restaurant, on the computer doing personnel work, entering the daily menus into the register system or walking with her 2 treasures, Sophia and Martin Jr. Jr.

Angelika Reiter © Selina Flash Photography
Sensitive horse whisperer & joker

Angelika Reiter

The eldest daughter of Martin and Maria is not only called Reiter (rider), but she is also a real horse fan. When you go looking for her, you will usually find her on the back of her four-legged darlings, who have their natural home at the Neubergerhof along with many other animals.

During the summer months she manages our horse riding business. Thus, she sits on a horse for almost 4 hours every day from Monday to Friday. In winter, she accompanies the kids to the ski school in Filzmoos and ensures that they find their ski instructors and come home safe and well. Most of the time you can find our “Geli” in the midst of a giggling crowd of kids, and with her sense of fun and honest passion for children Angelika ensures that a family holiday will not only be great, but also unforgettable. She is the amiable contact person for both kids and parents in our hotel, and Angelika answers every question with her warm and charming manner.

Since July 2022 Geli is also proud mommy of little Maria.

Alexandra Reiter © Selina Flash Photography
With passion at the reception

Alexandra Reiter

Alexandra Reiter is also a hostess with heart and soul. Like her siblings, hospitality has been in her genes since she was born. For many years she supported the management at the Hotel Edelweiss in Berchtesgaden and also met the love of her life Lars Uhlig there. Together they worked and lived in Berchtesgaden for the past few years, gaining many valuable experiences.

And so it happened that Alexandra found her way back to her home in Filzmoos in the autumn of 2019. Since then, in addition to administrative tasks and service on the reception, she has been looking after the accounting and marketing of the Neubergerhof with meticulous accuracy.

When Alexandra talks about her job at the Hotel Neubergerhof, you quickly realize: she loves interacting with her colleagues and guests just as much as she loves her new life in quiet Filzmoos together with her Lars and little, sweet Max, who was born in October 2022.

Lars Uhlig © Selina Flash Photography
A chef as he is in the book!

Lars Uhlig

A chef, as a chef should be! Lars gives everything for a good meal, prepared with a lot of love and passion for high-quality, regional products. Lars can't think of anything more beautiful. Since December 2019, Alexandra's boyfriend has been in the kitchen with his in-laws, Maria and Martin Reiter, and as the new Head Chef leads the large kitchen team.

He completed his apprenticeship as a chef at the Wasserschloss Klaffenbach in Chemnitz and then spent 3 years at Timmendorferstrand, 2 winter seasons in Obergurgl and 10 years working in Hotel Edelweiss, 6 of them as a chef. In autumn 2019 he moved to Filzmoos for love and here continues to live his dream as a chef.

The best thing for him is when everyone likes the taste!  He is a passionate chef, is open to new foods and motivated to continue cooking great cuisine at the Neubergerhof. Regionality and from the garden to the table are both important for him. In the future, he would also like to make his own cheese.

His calm and pleasant demeanour is never fake. This is how he retains his professional overview even in stressful situations. Nothing fazes Lars, but he can still be a bit strict with the kitchen staff when needed if things go a little too slowly.

When Lars isn’t in the kitchen, he can be found either in the football stadium cheering on his team as an avid football fan, or enjoying loud guitars at a Metallica concert, or listening to Guns'N'Roses played from his record deck in his cosy living room at home or spend some quality time with his son Max.

Sophia, Maria, Max & Martin jun. jun.
from left to right: Sophia, Maria, Max & Martin jun. jun.

Sophia, Maria, Max & Martin jun. jun.

When this brother and sister are awake, not only do they keep mama Manu and papa Martin Jr. on their toes, but also grandma and grandpa have their hands full when these two are on the go.

Animal-loving Sophia walks very imaginatively through her little world at the Neubergerhof, while her brother Martin Jr. can be a bright little rascal who, like his dad Martin Jr. is full of beans.

Geli's little daughter Maria had hardly seen the light of day when she was with her mom at the Neubergerhof horses for the first time. So it's no wonder that our sweet Maria has become a very curious child.

Little Max is the pride and joy of his parents Alexandra & Lars. Bright and yet again so calm, the characteristics of mom and dad are reflected in him.

Moment of satisfaction

For me, my Neubergerhof is ...

  • “... When the family members take care of the guests as if you were already a part of the family.”

Senta (68 y.)
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