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Our staff are not just employees. They are friends, long-time companions and loyal in every way!

Employees in portrait

Despite all the modesty, the Neubergerhof is so much more than just a family hotel in the middle of unspoilt nature. It is a pleasant home that boasts real warm-heartedness for its guests and also for its staff. In this way, the distinct sense of family takes on a completely new dimension.

Around 35 staff are employed in the summer season (Pentecost to the beginning of November) and in the winter season (mid-December to Easter). Every member of our team has their own unique qualities which we greatly appreciate.

But our staff are not just childminders, receptionists, cooks or waiters. They are above all good souls, enjoy a bit of fun and are hard-working team players. Thank you for your commitment. None of this would be possible without you! 

And now curtain up on our secret stars!

Andrea Rettenwender © Roland Wimmer
Plant enchanter & feel-good manager

Andrea Rettenwender

What Andrea Rettenwender, Maria Reiter’s sister, has been doing at the Neubergerhof for 32 years, cannot easily be pigeonholed. Early in the morning she puts the fried eggs in the pan, during the day she passionately cares for the flowers and in the evening, she ensures the service is quick and accurate.

And even when there is always a lot to do at the Neubergerhof, there’s one thing she never misses – chatting with the guests in between. For this, she always find time! The fact that Andrea is present in the hotel at almost any time must be due to the fact that she sees her work in the family circle as a great joy and privilege.

Elisabeth "Lisi" Rettenwender © Roland Wimmer
Music-making kitchen fairy

Elisabeth "Lisi" Rettenwender

Lisi has been part of the team since July 2012. She did her apprenticeship, quite obviously, in the Neubergerhof. Since then, Martin and Maria Reiter’s niece has been happily working in the kitchen between all the bubbling pots. And because there is always a lot to do there, her daily work can be somewhat turbulent. So, it’s good that the whole family sticks together and is always ready to listen to Lisi.

Elsewhere, the Neubergerhof runs right according to Lisi’s taste, as on Friday, when she is usually off work, she just has to go where the music takes her. Rather than spend her spare time at home, she prefers to go riding with her cousin or picking blackberries with her mum, Andrea Rettenwender.

Michelle Forstner
creative head & beauty queen

Michelle Forstner

Behind the reception or between lots of sticky notes – Michelle is our creative brain.

She shares all the news and tips with our guests, she loves to write texts and to do the Social Media (this is why she needs lots of sticky notes), but especially she likes to make the guests in the hotel and the readers of the postings in the internet feel comfortable and happy about thinking of holidays at the Hotel Neubergerhof, because that’s what really matters for her. This place is so special and it can be a place for everyone! It already kept my heart and I want others to get to know this place too.

Hannes Krisa © Selina Flasch Photography
Welcome in the family

Hannes Krisa

Our Hannes has been with us since 2015. He started as an apprentice in service and restaurant. In 2018 he completed his apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist, and we are very happy that we have such a committed and really motivated Chef de Rang in the team. His main tasks as Chef de Rang are preparing his work area, doing the breakfast service, doing the dinner service with wine presentations and the bar service in the evening.

Hannes was born and raised in near Vienna. Due to his open-mindedness and courage, he made the decision to complete his apprenticeship in SalzburgerLand. He loves traveling with his family in the off-season and has been to  the Caribbean and Egypt. He also doesn’t miss a ship cruise. Even there he always keeps an eye on the waiters, so that he can learn a lot himself or even attend a cocktail course. Hannes is also a passionate firefighter. He is always ready to help and always available.

We took our Hannes to our hearts from the first day. It is important for us that he is happy here at the Neubergerhof, as it could be difficult when one’s family lives 3 hours away. Hannes has found his second home here on our farm and is indispensable. We are happy that you're here!

Sandra Schneider © Roland Wimmer
Storyteller & feel-good master

Sandra Schneider

Whether it’s massages or peelings, Sandra Schneider knows what is good for the guests. On a self-employed basis, she runs the Neubergerhof wellness area. And this is quite practical as she lives right in the immediate neighbourhood. Her massages and beauty treatments are very popular with the guests, which is not least due to her engaging personality. Those in need of relaxation are well looked after in her sensitive hands. And this pleasant wellness expert has more than enough material for interesting conversations as well.

Moments of satisfaction

For me, my Neubergerhof is ...

"...when the emloyees are interested in how the guests are doing and ask."


Stefanie (39 y.)
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