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Via ferrata around the Neubergerhof

Rock climbing or via ferrata has gained more and more attention in recent years. If you are looking for the vertical kick on the mountain, this sport is just right for you.

But first - what is a “via ferrata”?
A via ferrata is a climbing route, which is secured with iron ladders, iron pins, iron clamps and a steel rope. You need good shoes, a climbing harness, a via ferrata set, a climbing helmet and, if necessary, gloves.

With the via ferrata set, which is attached to the harness, you hook yourself onto the wire rope and are secured at all times. However, via ferratas are often underestimated. Even when used correctly, falls can be several meters. Therefore, this sport should only be attempted with sufficient mountain experience or with a certified guide.

As with hiking trails and ordinary climbing routes, there are different levels of difficulty. These are rated from A to G.

A = easy | via ferrata equipment is recommended, experienced mountain hikers usually go without self-belaying

B = moderately difficult to C = mostly difficult | in addition to certified via ferrata equipment, you also need good physical condition and above all strength in your arms.

From D it becomes very difficult | here the iron belays are often far apart, in exposed and steep places often only the rope is taut, so you need already good climbing experience

Around the Neubergerhof there are many via ferratas for children, teenagers, beginners and advanced climbers. We have tested some for you through their paces ?

For children, teenagers and beginners, the Sattelberg in Ramsau is the perfect place to start. With the children's via ferrata Kali and the youth via ferrata Kala, Kalo and Heidi there are several interesting possibilities for the whole family. Here are also several via ferrata courses for children and adults offered!

But the neighboring village Ramsau has much more to offer. Maybe you visited the Silberkarklamm during your last Neubergerhof vacation? In the Silberkarklamm you can not only hike along the gorge and marvel at the masses of water - no, there are also different via ferratas. The "Hias", the "Rosina" and the "Siega" via ferrata inspire all advanced mountaineers.

My personal favorite via ferrata is located at the Mondsee in the Salzkammergut. The "Drachenwand via ferrata" goes about 2 hours up to the Drachenstein. In addition to the breathtaking view, a long suspension bridge in the middle provides the thrill. However, surefootedness is required here - especially the descent via the hiking trail is quite steep!

But whether beginner, advanced or professional - you should never overestimate your own abilities and think over every step well!

Greetings from the Neubergerhof!


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