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Why is the autumn the best season for hiking?

As summer draws to a close, it's slowly getting colder outside again, and the days are getting shorter. Often the changeable weather invites with pleasure to a good cup of tea, in a fluffy blanket, in front of the fireplace.

Although September and October are already part of autumn, there are still some wonderfully warm days now and then, which are best spent outdoors.

This period in our country is called "old women summer".
The term is associated with a species of spider. This is because in September and October young flying canopy spiders "weave" long threads. With these threads they sail through the air. When the dew forms in the early morning hours, the threads glisten silvery in the sunlight, reminiscent of the fine hair of "old women".

Many of our guests at the Neubergerhof use these special months to go hiking in the mountains. The main season is over and silence and tranquility reign on our alpine pastures. Many enjoy the untouched nature to switch off and recharge their batteries. Often you are lucky, and you spend the sunny hours alone on the mountain or on an alpine pasture and can really let your soul dangle. In addition, the colourful play of colours of the forests provides the perfect photo backdrop.

Do you know why the leaves change their colour in autumn?
The trees prepare themselves in autumn for the cold season. The "leaf pigment" chlorophyll is broken down and other pigments are formed instead. A cork layer is formed between the branch and the leaf so that the leaf is not destroyed.

In autumn there is also a lot for the children to discover. During a leisurely walk through the forest, the little ones can give free rein to their creativity. If you find chestnuts, for example, you can build them into small figures with toothpicks or collect the beautiful colourful leaves and let them dry.

Also, in the Neubergerhof everything is in autumn mode. The lovingly autumnal decoration by Andrea and Franziska invites you to spend cosy hours in front of the fireplace.
Autumn is not called "The golden season" for nothing. Especially with us in the Salzburg mountains breathtaking natural scenery is created. Come and experience.


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