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WASTL Outdoor Camp 2024

Are you between 7 and 15 years old and want to make your next summer vacation the BEST summer vacation ever? Are you adventurous, love discovering nature, and occasionally seek a thrill?

Then our WASTL Outdoor Camp is perfect for you! Never heard of the WOC? NO? Then listen up!

The WOC is included in the family vacation price and offers an action-packed program from Monday to Friday. You will be supervised by an experienced team and trained outdoor instructors. Safety and fun are always the top priorities. Together with other participants, you can make new friends, learn a lot, and most importantly, have tons of fun!

Here’s a sneak peek at our adventurous activities:
  • Learning to source drinking water: Learn how to make water safe in the wild.
  • Archery: Train your aim and experience the thrill of archery.
  • Climbing and Geocaching: Explore the surroundings and take on exciting climbing challenges.
  • For the truly brave: Overnight stays in tree tents or a tipi (ages 11 and up).

Awesome, right? But that’s not all!

Your Elements Experience at the WOC:

  • Tracking
  • Refreshing in the mountain stream
  • Slacklining
  • Campfire cooking adventure
Challenges can only be overcome together as a team, strengthening community spirit, teamwork, and new friendships. Learn the importance of teamwork while having lots of fun with our team games. In educational workshops, you’ll learn fascinating facts about wildlife and plants. Our fire workshop shows you various techniques to start a fire – an essential skill in the wild.

The camp is divided into two age groups to ensure that every participant master age-appropriate tasks and challenges:
  • Kids Group (ages 7 - 10): Max. 12 children.
  • Teen Group (ages 10 - 15): Max. 12 teenagers.

All program blocks are conducted without parents. This way, you can experience your adventures freely and independently, focusing entirely on the community and friendship with other participants.

At the WASTL Outdoor Camp, we explore nature together and learn a lot about the environment. Whether building with wood, cooking with herbs, or in creative workshops – you’ll never be bored. And if you think modern technology is useless in the wilderness, you’ll be surprised at how practical it can be!

Make your summer vacation unforgettable!

Join us and experience the best summer vacation of your life at the WASTL Outdoor Camp 2024. Dive into the fascinating world of nature, make new friends, and embark on adventures you’ll never forget!


a tent hanging in the trees
Making our own fire
a boy is climbing up a tree
kids sitting on the grass and are tracking animals
a boy is having fun while climbing


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