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New, newer, Neubergerhof – our main house with a fresh look

Our main house has accommodated guests for more than 40 years. Many beautiful memories connect our regular guests with the old part of the Neubergerhof. But it was time to look to the future and start the building project that had been planned for years.

Of course, the Neubergerhof also attaches great importance to regionality in this respect. Because of that, we planned everything with the company “Voglauer”, which are in Abtenau.

We want to guarantee the highest comfort in all categories – because of that, we renovated and refurbished 14 rooms.
But we have not only renovated the rooms in the main house, the youth room and fitness room have also been modernized and adapted to the times. Everything was made of higher quality, more comfortable and holistically adapted to the 4-star level.

Our fitness room is equipped with the high-quality Technogym equipment and has been provided with a large panoramic window to enjoy the view even during indoor sports.

The following awaits you:
Ergometer, weight station with dumbbells, wall bars, treadmill, cross trainer, and a pull-up bar.

In the newly designed youth room, all kids and teens will find the perfect diversion, even if the weather doesn't play along. You can connect your cell phone to the soundbar and listen to your favourite music while playing table tennis, table soccer, darts or Nintendo Switch.

All the furnishings were done justice to our style, with matching shades of gray and purple. The staircase was also renewed and shines in a new, bright splendor. Everything turned out exactly as we had imagined.

The “Voglauer company”, together with all the other companies, has done a really great job. The construction site went without any complications or obstacles. To experience something like this in this day and age shows the quality and professionalism of the individual companies - we would like to thank them very much!

Who is curious now how our new rooms look like? Our tip: "Book a room and be amazed!"

Pssst ... there are still some news at Neubergerhof - but more info coming soon!

Fantastic hotel rooms in the Neubergerhof
Hotel Neubergerhof
Bath basket in the Hotel Neubergerhof
New, new, Neubergerhof
Hotel room with connecting corridor
Feel-good rooms Hotel rooms in the Neubergerhof
Modern bathroom with top equipment
Insight into the hotel bathroom


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