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Looked into the glass – I grant you a (w)in(e)sight

I am born and raised in Vorarlberg (a state in Austria) and I have years of experience in the tourism industry. I made my apprenticeship in “Lech am Arlberg”. After that I got to know the upscale gastronomy in many houses in Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Switzerland. In addition, I was also able to expand my knowledge in the field of wines and made the Austrian Sommelier.

With my collected know-how, I may select and order the best wines in and around Austria. A wine must have a few things to offer, to make it into our range. Depending on the grape variety or qualification, I expect the appropriate taste. We have a little bit of everything – well-chosen and of course tasted.

There are several wineries in the Neubergerhof selection which I like very much and can definitely recommend. If I have to pick one, it would be the winery “Jamek” from the Wachau or the winery “Reumann” from the Deutschkreutz.

I would describe the wine selection at Neubergerhof very simply with three words:
Simple – exquisite – good or: For every taste!

If you asked me about the appropriate wine for the seasons, I would clearly recommend a young, fresh white wine for the warm temperatures in spring and summer. I am a fan of a glass of “Gelber Muskateller” – it whets the appetite and screams for more.  

In the colder seasons, as autumn and winter, it can also be a bit stronger. Suitable for the season, I like a good Merlot or a strong Cuvee with Merlot included. Merlot is definitely one of my favourite wines.

But I don’t want to tell you too much – I’ll be happy to tell you more about it at a cosy wine tasting at the Neubergerhof. For this I choose mainly good drops from Austria to present you our great domestic wines and show their diversity. Each bottle of wine from our menu tells a story and taste-wise there is something for everyone.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you about our best drops and to spend a pleasant evening together!

Yours, Manu


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