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Horse riding at the Neubergerhof

The guided tours: The experience for beginners
For the youngest riders from the age of 3 and all those who have no riding experience, the so-called lead rounds offer an excellent opportunity to get to know our horses. These guided rounds last around 20 minutes and are ideal for taking the first steps in experienced company. The children are supported when mounting and dismounting as well as during the entire lead round. This allows them to enjoy the feeling of riding in a safe and supervised environment.

But it's not just children who benefit from horseback riding. Adults and young people who have had no previous contact with horse riding can also experience the feeling of being on horseback. This experience is not only great fun, but also a great way to discover a new passion.

The short ride: adventure for advanced riders
For those who already have some experience, things really get going after a successful pre-ride. The purpose of the pre-ride is to check your current knowledge of handling horses and to ensure that both rider and horse are perfectly attuned to each other. Once this has been achieved, nothing stands in the way of the short ride.

The short ride lasts around 30 minutes and leads through the picturesque adventure camp at the Neubergerhof. Here, riders can enjoy the beauty of nature at a walk and trot.

The big ride: the ultimate experience
For the very brave and experienced riders, the big ride offers an unforgettable adventure. This ride lasts around 50 minutes and leads over varied terrain. An exciting riding experience over hill and dale awaits you here, which will get your pulse racing at a gallop and provide unforgettable moments.

Pssst. - Anyone who can't get enough of the horses is welcome to help me groom and saddle them up.

Important information at a glance:

When can you ride: Riding is only possible in the summer season, from Monday to Friday in the afternoon.
Where to ride: All rides take place in the open countryside to fully enjoy the beauty of nature.
Who can ride: Anyone can ride, regardless of previous experience. The only important thing is that anyone who wants to ride at Neubergerhof for the first time must first go to the pre-ride.
Minimum age for the different rounds: from 3 years - lead round, from 8 years - short ride, from 10 years - long ride
Procedure: After the successful pre-ride, the short or long ride can follow the next day.
Equipment: Helmets are available on site, but you should wear sturdy shoes and tight pants (preferably breeches or jeans, leggings are not ideal).
How often can you ride: One ride is allowed per day.
Costs: all minors ride for free, from the age of 18 the rides are charged.
Conclusion: Riding at the Neubergerhof is more than just a leisure activity - it is an experience that allows young and young at heart to immerse themselves in the world of horses and offers unforgettable moments in nature. Whether you are a beginner or not, we have the right ride for everyone.

Me, Wastl & the rest of the herd look forward to seeing you!
six of our horses are waiting to start the ride
Geli and some girls are riding the horses along the brook


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