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Because, as you know, the greatest happiness on earth is on the back of a horse!

Eight horses and one dwarf pony are waiting for you to be petted. The stable is directly at the Neubergerhof area and is open to everyone during the day. WASTL and his horse colleagues are always looking forward to a visit from our guests.  

From Monday till Friday, the children and adults can enjoy guided tours and rides through the Neuberger countryside. We think our riding offer is definitely something for everyone.

For the beginners, we offer a small round, which takes about 20 minutes. The horses are led if necessary. For the slightly more advanced, there are the “Little Rides”. These last about 30 minutes and lead through open terrain in a walk and a trot. The “Big Rides” for those saddle-safe riders take about 50 minutes, where there is also galloping. On Friday mornings, for every good rider, an approx. 3,5-hour ride is available.

At the Neubergerhof it means more than horse riding. If you are diligent and horse experienced, I would be very happy when you could help me with the grooming, combing and saddling-up – after all, 9 horses mean a lot of work.

WASTL and his friends are very busy on the weekdays, so they deserve their free time at the weekend at the paddock. Friday, after the last riding lap, the horses are allowed to go to the paddock, where they can play and relax.
This one moment every week, when I open the stable doors and the horses run out full of euphoria, gives goose bumps.

Of course, you can visit our horses at the paddock. Please note, that the horses are very curious and beg for food. Sometimes the horses play and argue like us humans. Because of that, it is important to give the horses their freedom and to leave them to themselves.

If you go for a walk, it is the best, when you ignore the four-legged friends. You can take some pictures and say goodbye on Friday at the stable.

Do you want to spend an unforgettable time with me, WASTL and his horse colleagues? Then book your active holidays with us at the Neubergerhof.
We look forward to you!


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