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An Animal-tastic Vacation - Unforgettable Experiences with Mambo and Manitu

Nestled amidst the idyllic landscape of Neuberg lies the family hotel Neubergerhof, which stands out with a very special highlight: the two charming alpacas, Mambo and Manitu.

Our two furry friends are not just for visiting and petting at Neubergerhof. Three times a week, you can take them for a relaxing walk around the hotel.

The Secret Stars of the Hotel: Mambo and Manitu
Mambo and Manitu are more than just animals—they are friendly companions who delight both young and old with their gentle nature. The two alpacas have a calming effect and exude a tranquility that instantly influences their surroundings. With their fluffy ears, deep black eyes, and sweet expressions, it's impossible not to love them.

Mambo is the older of the two and a true connoisseur. He loves to nibble on juicy blades of grass. Manitu, on the other hand, is a bit younger and full of energy. He loves to explore the area and is always up for a little hike.

Hikes with the Alpacas: An Experience for the Whole Family
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm, you have the opportunity to take the two fluffy companions for a one-hour walk through Neuberg. They are very leisurely, making them perfect for nature explorations.

Especially for children, the hikes are a real highlight. They can lead the alpacas, pet them, and even feed them. The animals are very patient and love to be pampered. The relaxed atmosphere and beautiful landscape also invite adults to unwind and enjoy.

The Diverse Animal World at Neubergerhof
In addition to the alpacas, there are many other animals looking forward to your visit. In the alpaca enclosure, you will also find Harry and Marita. Our rabbits, Bibi & Tina, live at the upper playground. Our cat Heidi often roams the yard and lives in the stable with the eight horses and the pony Nelly. Our animals warmly welcome you at any time!

Conclusion: A Vacation to Remember
A stay at the family hotel in Neuberg with the alpacas Mambo and Manitu is more than just a vacation—it's an experience that will remain in memory for a long time.

The connection to nature, the relaxed atmosphere, and the warm hosts make this place a special destination for families who want to escape everyday life and experience something truly special. The hikes with the alpacas are the highlight that enchants both children and adults, bringing smiles to their faces.
Mambo and Manitu on tour with our guests
the two alpacas giving each other a little kiss
two kids enjoing a sunny walk with the two alpacas Mambo and Manitu
Manitu has a little flower in his snout


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