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3D archery at the Neubergerhof

Archery as a leisure and family sport

Nowadays archery has a recreational character. This has been possible at the Hotel Neubergerhof since the mid-1990s. Embedded in the "Bacherklamm" there is a beautifully situated 3D archery course in Filzmoos. 3D because life-size animal figures (made of foam, of course) are shot at. The standing grizzly bear impresses with its size, the rats are a challenge. 3D also, because you are in the field, which of course means for us that you do not shoot on a flat surface. This results in mountain shots, valley shots or shots through the vegetation (e.g. through forks of branches, light forests, etc.). This is of course what makes it so special. Tense and relax - this also applies to this sport in a figurative sense. Ground the calm and concentration before shooting the arrow and forget everyday life. The physical exertion is also limited and so, despite the exercise, you are still fit enough to manage your daily work. Bows and arrows have been used for at least 14,000 years. At that time, of course, the focus was on hunting. The darkest chapter of archery are the armed conflicts - there the bow and arrow were used as effective long-range weapons.


The course

A 3D archery course typically offers 28 targets, each of which is allowed to shoot a maximum of 3 arrows. At the Neubergerhof we have adapted this to everyday vacation life and reduced the course by half. This means that the course can be mastered in around 1.5 to 2 hours. Full professionals still have the opportunity to shoot 28 targets - we have set up appropriate shooting options here. Adults, teenagers and children alike can enjoy it. The levels of difficulty are adjusted accordingly - every age group shoots from different distances to the target. Good footwear is highly recommended for our course. The terrain next to the stream, in the forest and on meadows is sometimes challenging. Those who have a bit of stamina naturally have an advantage ;-) As already mentioned above, life-size targets are set up in the course as true to life as possible, thus bringing hunting shooting into the foreground. A kill (the area that should ideally be hit) is marked in the form of rings on the animal. The big challenge in 3D archery is to correctly estimate the distance to the target. The distances vary greatly depending on the size of the target. With small animals (e.g. rats) the stake is set at about 5m, with large animals like our hungry grizzly bear you shoot from a distance of almost 35m.

Introduction to technology

Since the guests usually have no experience during their vacation in Filzmoos and the surrounding area, interested parties will of course also receive an introduction to the technique of archery. It explains what to look out for, what posture is required and how the arrow is inserted and shot correctly. So you are well prepared when you go solo through the forest course.

The material

As in all sports, there are also differences in the materials. There are three (main) variants of bows. The longbow, which is the most traditional bow and which is shot intuitively, i.e. without a sight or other aids. The recurve bow (because the ends of the limbs are bent). The curved ends allow a higher energy output when shooting compared to the longbow. The recurve bow is the only bow that is also approved for the Olympic Games. The professionals also use visors and stabilizers for this purpose. And the "high-tech version", the compound bow. This is the most technically developed bow and is equipped with a pulley system, stabilizers and aiming devices. This arch is released with a mechanical relief aid. The longbow is shot intuitively, i.e. without a visor or other aids. There are also different materials for the arrows. To do this, of course, you first have to decide whether you prefer the traditional type of archery or the modern variant. I.e. it is then shot with wooden, aluminum or carbon arrows. At the Neubergerhof we only use carbon arrows. These are characterized by a high level of stability and sometimes forgive a miss. At the same time, this type of arrow also has excellent flight characteristics and this makes it the perfect arrow for the beginner.

"Everything in the Kill"

Archery is therefore an everyday sport. There are corresponding clubs in almost all regions, because shooting among like-minded people is the most fun. And so in competitions with the phrase "everything in kill" all the best for the walk through the course is wished. So if you feel like a few shots, we look forward to your visit.


Archery course in Filzmoos
Archery in Filzmoos
Leisure activities in Filzmoos


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